Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Riverdale here we come

August, Summer 2011, Kirk and Tynisha Corbin are 34, Lana is 15, Sarah is 14, Kobi is 8 and, Natalie is 1

Tynisha Corbin is not only new to Riverdale but she is also the newly appointed principle to Riverdale Elementary. She was offered the position and couldn't refuse.

She heard such wonderful things about Riverdale, and looking to a safer alternative than SimCity, decided - after talking it over with her husband - to accept the job and move to the town. She can't wait to start working at the school!

Kobi is Tynisha and Kirk's only son. He will be attending Riverdale Elementary in the fall, which is only a month away from starting it's fall session. He'll be in the third grade, and is very excited about meeting new kids and making friends!

Lana is the oldest of the Corbin children. She is very shy and a bookworm. She prides herself on how much she knows, and plans on earning as many scholarships as she can to go to college.

She too is looking forward to the start of school. She can't wait for the stimulating classes. She's read about Riverdale High school online, and she knows it will be a perfect fit for her.

Sarah is the second oldest, only a year behind her sister. She also can't wait to start school, but it's not because of her academic prowess.

Rounding off the family is Kirk who is not only a husband and father, but also the new spiritual leader for Riverdale. He will be taking over the Riverdale Prayer Hall, and helping his fellow Riverdalers along their spiritual paths amongst other things.

And Natalie is the last of the Corbin tribe. She's still little and has far to go to catch up with her older siblings.

While their mother is at the school setting up her office and making rounds with the grounds crew, seeing what needs to be done before school starts, the girls sit down for a early lunch with their dad.
He knows that he can trust his girls, but a little reminder never hurts anyone. "I know you guys will be starting your new school soon, and I just want to remind you of the promise that you made to not only me and your mother, but the Controller. New school comes with new pressures. And boys tend to feed of of that. Just remember premarital sex will not help you obtain a positive reputation."
Sarah smiles. "I know, Daddy. And I have my ring, right here." She points out by showing of said ring.
"You know sex is the furthest thing from my mind, Dad." Lana says. "I don't want anything messing up my future and my commitment I made to you guys."
Sarah hold back the snort of disgust that wants to come out and settles for an eye roll instead. Her sister was so lame. 'I don't want anything to mess me up. Blah, blah, blah!' She was such a goody goody.
As the girls clean up their lunch plates Sarah finally turns to her sister. "You can't be serious? New town! New boys! Come on! We're teenagers. Don't you at least want to kiss a boy?"
Lana closes her eyes. She hates this discussion. They have it at least four times a day. "For the last time, NO! I don't want my first kiss. I don't want a boyfriend. I'm not going to be defined by some guy. I'm young, smart, and academically sound. And no guy is going to come along and mess that up for me. You'd be wise to stick to my plan. Boys are no good unless you're ready for marriage."
Sarah crosses her arms giving her sister a glare. "Fine! Have it your way. But stay out of my way. I'm going to make a name for myself this year. No one knows us, and I'm free to do what I want!"
Lana hangs her head. Ever since her little sister grew breast she's become boy crazy. Lana wishes that Sarah would grow out of it and see the bog picture, but so far she hasn't. It's a sad train wreck to watch.
Sarah grabs Lana and puts her in a head lock yelling out "Noogie time!" Then proceeds to rub her sister's head ruthlessly. Before letting go she says, "And seriously, change your shoes. We are NOT wearing the same ones to school on the first day."
Sarah is bored. All the boxes have been unpacked, the rooms set up, clothes put away and school shopping done. There was nothing to do. And sitting listening to her sister and brother talk about their baby sister was driving her mad. She needed to get out of the house. She needed to find some teens to hang out with.
So she left. She hadn't a clue were to go. The area of Riverdale that the moved to was newly built, but she was able to hear the distant crashing of waves. The beach was only two blocks - give or take - away from their house. So she decided to walk there. There had bound to be some teens there.

The strip of sand and surf was longer than she had expected, causing Sarah to walk further than she wanted.

The part of the beach that was close to her home was for private homes. Nothing was built yet, but signs posted announced that it was private property and violators would be fined $1,000 for trespassing.

She eventually made it to a pier. Across the street stat an awesome home. She wondered who lived there. She imagined herself living there, waking up to the beautiful vista of the ocean. It must be nice to have money like that.

Sarah hung out there for a while, playing in the sand, plopping a few coins in the arcade games and even watched a breakdancer for a bit, but sadly, no teens showed up.

Maybe they were getting ready for the new school year. A though occurred to Sarah, what if there were no teens. What if she and her sister were the only ones? This sucked! She would just have to wait until the school year started to (hopefully) meet some new friends.

(notes from GB: I was happy that Kirk started to talk about woohoo on his own. I figured that their parents are cool, but still have conservative family values since he is the new spiritual leader in Riverdale, and his wife is the principle of the elementary school.
The house that Sarah is looking it across the street from the beach is the Mayor's. It's not the mayor's mansion. I haven't built one yet. No, that's the house they moved into in 2010 and where Mary had that party last spring.)


  1. Welcome to the Corbin family. They sound interesting and open to a lot of conflict that comes with kids with varying personalities and conservative parents

  2. Oh I hope so. Now if they follow the stories I have planned out for them in my head everything will be "gavy". LOL

  3. You couldn't find a pair of sisters more different than Sarah and Lana, could you? I hope Sarah doesn't make the *wrong* sort of name for herself at school this year!

  4. The living room (I'm guessing it's the living room) is beautiful! I love the colors-- the golds and the browns. So pretty!

    Sarah is one interesting teen. Never a good thing when a kid wants to make a name for herself.

  5. Yes, the livingroom is gorgeous! I noticed it, too! Girl, these kids look like their personalities. I love it! I think I'm gonna truly enjoy reading about this family as the simyears go by. And you finally got your spiritual leader! I was wondering if you were still gonna do that. I'm checking it out to see your Prayer Hall and everything...I might have to snatch it...LOL! And once again, GORGEOUS family. You make beautiful Sims.

  6. Sullivan, They are different aren't they! But I love that they still get along despite the fact.

    Hopefully she'll make a name for herself in a healthy way!

    Lunar Fox, Yup it's the living room. I'm glad you like it! I redid that room four times. LOL That's me trying to decorate!

    I'm worried about Sarah, but she could prove us wrong.

    Simmingtion Hills, Awww, thanks! All the HGTV. ROFL

    I'm glad they do, that's what I was going for! And yes, I finally got one. I had another one, but I didn't like him, so I never introduced him. LOL We'll see how it works out. When I made their mom and dad I was trying to go for normal looking sims. ROFL They kinda came out on the model side, huh?

  7. Love the new family, they are very attractive. Did you make them yourself?

    They also have a great mix of personalities. It should make things really interesting.

    Good luck on getting them to do what you want.

  8. Welcome to the hood! They are a very interesting family and the girls are too much. Love the new photo quality-wow.

  9. Monique, thanks very much. Yeah, I made the mom and dad and CAS produced the kids. LOL I'm very pleased as to how they turned out. I can't wait to see how the youngest will look when she's a teen. Thanks! Do sims ever do what we want? LOL

    Apple Valley, the Corbin's say thanks for the welcome! I can't wait to see how the develope as well. Glad your digging the pics!


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