Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Snow Ball 2013

December, Winter 2013, Bri Burrego is 14, Brooke Sanchez, Edward Christian, Jr, and Viggo Kim are 15, Suni Ramaswami, Oliver Brooks, Marcus Brooks, Cameron Smith, and Sarah Corbin are 16, Lana Corbin is 17, and Anan Reed is 12. Betty Boone is 38.


Betty is on chaperone duty for tonight. It's not that she doesn't mind, she just doesn't feel like being in a room full of hormonal teens grinding up on each other. She'd rather be home cuddling on the sofa with her husband. She sighs, the things teachers must do for their students.


Sarah's just happy that she didn't have to drag her sister to the dance this time. Lana was more than happy to come since she's here with her boyfriend, Orlando.


Bri asks Marcus if he's sure that he wants to be here. He really didn't want to come, but he knows Bri was looking forward to the dance. He's happy to be here with her, even if his mind and heart aren't fully into all the partying.


But what's truly mind blowing to him is his brother. He just can't wrap his mind around the fact that Oliver seems completely unfazed by their parents death. Marcus has only seen Oliver cry once, and that was the night their mom and dad died. Other than that his twin carries on as if nothing bad has ever happened to them.


Viggo is just happy to be out of the house with Cameron. They haven't been alone like this since before Jayden was born. Heck, he's surprised that her mother even allowed her out.

Cameron is surprised too, but thrilled. When she asked her mom if she could go to the snow ball she had expected her mom to shoot her down. But she was taken aback when Tazakati agreed to letting her go, and even offered to watch Jayden.


Eddie has been going out of his way to make amends with Brooke since their breakup. Brooke on the other hand isn't trying to hear it. And if he thought them being at a dance would get him in her good graces he is sorely mistaken.

She turns, walking away from him. "Why don't you go find your new girlfriend and quit pestering me."


Sunni and Cameron share a moment. It feels good to joke around like a normal teen. No crying baby, which Cameron doesn't mind. She love Jayden. No over bearing mother breathing down her back. No, there's just freedom even if it's just for a few hours.


Of course Sarah thinks the girls are laughing at her. She can't here their conversation over the music, but she knows the two hate her, so it's only obvious that they are talking about her! That's okay, 'cause she'll soon have the last laugh.


Anan Reed wasn't allowed to attend tonight's dance. Her parents think that she's too young to go, but she knows the truth. Ever since her sister, Nora, got pregnant her freshman year of college her parents have been extra strict with her. Yeah, like going to a dance is going to get her knocked up.

Instead of convincing them that she's responsible enough to go to a school funded event, she lies saying she's staying the night at her friend's house. She really hopes that she doesn't get in trouble.


Sarah can't help but to pout. Here she is, looking HOT and sitting alone. Just like last year. She just doesn't understand why can't she get the boy that she's in love with? Sometimes life sucks! She digs deeper into her slice of cake.


Even her sister has found love, she thinks as she stares at Orlando. Sarah sighs. Maybe she can find some loser to make out with. Maybe that will make Viggo jealous. A tiny voice deep inside laughs at her. It points out the fact that the boy hasn't even looked at her all night. Sarah shrugs off the voice and continues her plan of making Viggo jealous.


She finds some poor sap, she doesn't even remember his name. She knows they have a class or two together but that's about it. It's clear he's really into her, and she has no problem getting a few kisses out of him.


Brooke's thinking the food for the night tastes much better than last year's when some idiot opens his mouth.

"Viggo and Cameron are still together? But I though...OUCH!" he shouts.

Brooke stomps on his foot to quiet him, flashing Cameron a goofy grin.

Cameron glace between the two of them. She hadn't heard the whole conversation, but she's sure she's heard Viggo and together. What in the world was the boy talking about she wonders.


Sarah gets bored of that creepy guy and goes off looking for Viggo. She finds him all wrapped up in Cameron. The girl makes her sick! She thinks she's so perfect. Her perfect hair. Her perfect body, even after she popped out a kid. Her perfect life, which hasn't been ruined by having said kid. And her perfect boyfriend.

To say Sarah is jealous of Cameron is an understatement. She just doesn't understand what Viggo sees in the slut. Yeah, she can call her that because she doesn't like her.

But she's had enough of this. She's done everything she could think of to break these two up except for one thing.


Viggo doesn't see as Sarah corners Cameron between the buffet tables.


"You are so delusional, Sarah. Why would you even say something like that? Are you so full of yourself that you would lie to get what you want?" Cameron says, turning her back towards her rival.

"Why is it so hard to believe. And who's the one stuck on themselves? Really? Do you think you're that safe that nothing can touch your precious relationship with Viggo?"


Cameron turns around to leave.

Sarah flashes her a nasty smirk, it makes Cameron a little nervous.

"Why don't you ask him what happened during Oliver's party last month. I'm sure he told you all about it."

Cameron rolls her eyes, she's not wasting anymore time on Sarah. There's only one more hour left before she has to head home, and she's going to make the best of it.

Sarah says it loud enough for only Cameron's ears. "I know about that cute little birthmark of his." Pleased with herself, Sarah walks away.


She's frozen in place. She plays the words over in her head once more... the birthmark. No, it couldn't be. There's only one person in the world, well besides Viggo's mom, that knows about that birthmark, and it's her!

Cameron starts to shake. It couldn't be. But deep down she knows that it has to be true. When Jayden was first born she and Viggo nearly broke up. He hardly even spoke to her, then after that party at Oliver's he started lavishing her with attention. Even more so than when they first started dating.

"It was guilt." A voice says in her head. She knows it.

Disbelief gives way to hurt. And that soon turns into shame. She feels so silly. How many people knew? Did Sunni and Brooke? And how could they not have said a word to her?

She wants to cry, but she's not.


Sarah walks over to Viggo. She smiles at him, but it's not her normal sweet smile. No, something sinister lies under it.

"I just shared a little piece of news with your sweetie. Be sure to thank me later,' she says before walking away.

Viggo goes pale.


She doesn't even have to ask, but she does anyway.

"Is it true?" It comes out in a whisper.

He can't look at her, and she can't look at him either. He doesn't voice it, only nods his head.

She swallows hard.


She tries to contain her rage, but her voice rises with each word.

"I can't believe you. You're such an ass. You slept with her and never expected me to find out! I hate you. You make me sick!"

Kids start to stare at them.


"Cameron, let me explain. Please."

"No! There isn't anything to explain. You're a pig. I don't ever want to see you again. Ever! Stay away from me and your son."

Ginger walks over to the two, smiling. "So, does this mean I can have a crack at him?"

Cameron glares at her then storms off.


Sarah tires desperately to find her sister. She's done what she's been wanting to do for weeks now, but it's time to go... like now! But Lana is no where in sight.


Cameron spins Sarah around to face her. The girl shrinks back in fear. She's never see Cameron this upset before. She's afraid she's going to hit her.

"I know I should rip your eyes out, but I'm not. But I am warning you. Stay out of my way, because next time I might not be so nice."

Sarah nods her head absently, then turns continuing her search for her sister. It's definitely time for her to go home.

Cameron looks around the room, her friends are laughing and dancing, having a good time. A few teens point in her direction, some laughing others shaking their heads.

She's never felt more alone than she does right now.


So the secrets finally out. How many people knew Viggo and Sarah hooked up? It was not my idea. When they both got to Oliver and Marcus' house for the party they started to roll wants for each other like crazy. Then that darn woohoo sim want popped up, but it said each other's name. I didn't let them though, so ACR kicked in and the rest, as they say, was history.

I didn't plan for this to come out at the dance, I wanted Cameron to have some fun. Plus, Viggo is feeling guilt, after he did the deed with Sarah he started rolled all the wants to give Cameron a back massage, to hug Cameron, to classic dance with Cameron, etc. But Sarah kissed Viggo and the rest went down the way you read.

What will happen? I have no idea. But I finally got the update done! YAY! lol


  1. OMG DRAMA!!! (But LMAO @ Ginger, "can I have a crack at him"!)

    Awww, and Cameron was having such a nice night! :( Oh my, Viggo has some serious growing up to do! I don't blame Cameron a bit for wanting to take a huge step back. Maybe he can give her and Jayden a call when he decides to be a man.

    Is Sarah the one you were talking about hating with a passion? lol!

  2. Man, see, my sims mess up so many of my plans. LOL But Cameron will get over this I'm sure.

    And yes, Sarah was the sim I was talking about. I can't stand her right now. I want to claw out her eyes. ROFL You gotta love Ginger! She's sweet on all the guys, but Viggo is number one on her list.

  3. I heart Ginger, silly as she is, I heart her to death.

    Wow, so they actually slept together...whoa, not cool Viggo.

  4. I wanted it to not be true but I knew it! Poor Cameron :(......I agree with Laura, he had quite a bit of growing up to do. And Sarah......already a homewrecker at such a young age!

  5. Oh my gosh, after I posted in your thread at N99, I wondered if Sarah was the Sim you were talking about! And then when I saw this was a teen update, I was pretty sure, lol.

    That Sarah is such a nasty piece of work, isn't she? Still, I knew Sarah and Viggo got up to no good at that party! I wish they didn't, for poor Cameron's sake, but I just knew. Viggo hasn't really stepped up at all since Jayden was born and I feel like something like this was bound to happen.

    On a lighter note though, Ginger totally needs to make more cameos in your updates! I love her too.

  6. Apple, Ha! I'mg lad you enjoyed Ginger. She just walked over to them as they were fighting with this huge grin on her face. I had to puase my game as I started to crack up.

    Yeah, they did the deed. Not cool Viggo indeed. And not cool Sarah as well!

    Mizz Gin, HA! Homewecker Sarah. True though. But I think the foundation was a little unstable to begin with. And you didn't want it to be true. What about me? LOL I had to witness it. *BLECH*

    Carla, I figured that someone might figure out who I was ranting about. But I really needed to get that off my chest. This girl is driving me crazy. And now she's walking past Cameron's house all stalker-ish.

    In truth I really though he wouldn't fall for Sarah, but as soon as they got to that party, wants started rolling left and right. And yeah, he hasn't stepped up since Jayden was born. And he can't use having a child as an excuse, what about Cameron?

    Everyone loves Ginger. I'm sure she's glad about that since many girls can't stand her at school. LOL


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