Thursday, March 27, 2008


Spring started off on a bad foot from the previous robbery that we were still getting over when I go to the mail box and find an offical letter from the Hood Coucil. Mayor Snowden has decided to develope the area were we are currently living with new rental property and start homes. We have until the end of the season (Spring) to move out. I'm very pissed off by this. They could have given us at least another season to do this. It's the second day of Spring already and there are only three more left. We're supposed to find a home to rent or buy and move in by the end of the cycle. I can't believe this. Did I mention that money is tight since I started my own business? Well it is, and now I'll have to take out another load just to get a new place to live. Not everyone in Riverdale is made out of money!


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  1. Guess I now have to get the college add-on and the business one too!


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