Saturday, February 23, 2008

Let Sleeping Dog Be!

Yeah, if only. You make one... er, two mistakes and people refuse to let you live it down. I had just returned home from Cafe Mode and Abhijeet had just returned home from work, when there was a knock on the door. Well, you can just imagine my surprise to fine Tyra Brooks there. If it's not common knowledge, her husband and I had a little fling when they first had started dating. Well she decided that we needed to have a talk, she wanted to make sure that we were seeing eye to eye on matters. In so many words she not to kindly informed me to stay away from her husband or there will be hell to pay.

It's not my fault her husband has a wondering eye. I'm not the only woman he's slept with since they started dating. Just beacuse she was his first dosen't mean she has 100% rights to him. I'm not going to mention who the other woman is beacuse I know that she and her husband just worked out their marriage, and this would make it worse.

But Mrs. Brooks really needs to talk to her man not the women who he's slept with in the past. He might be getting busy as I type this, who knows. I hope this doesn't get out, but he came onto me at Cafe Mode, infront of at least six patrons present.

On a plus note, Simone will be home from College soon. I can't wait to have her back with me, though we haven't discused if she is going to return home or get a place of her own.

--Samantha Patrelli

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