Saturday, February 23, 2008

I Got Help!

(Sorry no pic!)

I think I'm finally settling down. Once I got settled after Simone moved off to college I ended up having the twins, Bret and Brad. It was hectic I tell you! Imagine, one mother and two screaming babies. God, I thought I was going to lose my mind. I had the nanny, but she was only around during daylight hours, leaving me home alone at night.

I finally broke down and asked Abhijeet to move in and help me, this was after the boys transitioned into toddlers. I was kind of scared that he would reject my offer, but he didn't! And for that I am trully greatful. So now I have help and the boys will learn to walk and become potty trained by the both of us, and I can focus back on my restaurant, which was greatly negelected because of thier birth. (Not that I'm saying having them was a negative effect on me, it wasn't. Just, a fledgling restaurant needs constant attention when it's first opened).


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