Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Anya Kent Simdays 36 - 40

I met this really nice guy outside of my house as I was waiting for the Michels to show up. They are stopping here in Riverdale before they head to Florida for a family vacation. Did I mention that they are coming from Simmington Hills? Well they are. S.H. sounds like a lovely place to visit. Maybe I will one day.

But back to the cute guy, I wish I could remember his name, but I can't. We did hit it off and I invited him in for a glass of lemonade and a quick dance. He has to leave soon though, which was okay. I had to finish cleaning up the house before my guests arrived.

I can't believe it! I lost my job. And I wasn't even told why I was let go. Super Sanchez didn't let me know why, all she told me was that the school was down sizing and that my name came up on the short list. The short LIST! What kind of crap is that? I have been nothing but an outstanding teacher since relocating to Riverdale, and this is my thanks. *sigh*

I guess it's a good thing that I'm living in one of the subsidized homes, but still. I'm only skilled in education, I know nothing else. This is such a shame. I think I may look further into this. See if I have any legal grounds to stand on.

I went bug hunting to take my mind off the loss of my job. It was helping until I stumbling upon some bees. I thought they went into hibernation during the fall? Those little guys really pack a punch... err... a sting! I'll be feeling that for days.

I really can't believe I lost my job!

I decided to go out, hey, not like I have to get up in the morning! Yes, I'm bitter! I think this outfits says I'm young and looking for a safe yet good time.

While I was waiting for the cab, I changed my mind and settled on this outfit instead. The other one made me look as if I were taking my child to a soccer game, lol.

So I went to the only hot spot in town, Be Real. It's pretty nice. I decided to have a drink and make conversation with some guy sitting at the bar. He was nice looking in the dim light but nice I got a good loo at him, let's just say he's not my type.

I decided to sing a bit and that's when my eyes landed on him. Rupert. Once I had finished I asked him what he was doing here, he told me that he and his his brother Amos liked to come every Wednesday night and play poker. He asked if I would like to join them. After giving it a few seconds a though I decided that it could be fun. Not like I was going to lose all my money or something.

I had a good time playing poker, and I even won a few hands. Doubled what I had original started out with, lol. Some woman named Emma joined us. I didn't care for her, she kept making dreamy eyes at Rupert. He wasn't paying her much attention though he was focused on massaging my upper thigh under the table. I was so embarrassed, I just hope no one saw what he was up to!

Around our 5th hand Rupert excused himself to use the restroom. Hope he comes back soon.

I normally don't have company over when my house is in such a mess, but between the drinks I had and the high that I was on from winning four hands of poker I invited Rupert over for a night cap.

Maybe that wasn't the best of ideas. That last beer went straight to my already tipsy head. I made a vow not to sleep with Rupert again unless he could show me he would or could be committed to me.

Like I said, that beer went straight to my head! I swear, this is the last time we do this.

Now I remember why I gave up drinking in college. Hangovers!!! My poor head, and will the room ever stop spinning? I spent most of the morning and afternoon making best friends with my toilet. Needless to say I threw out all the beer in my fridge. No more drinking for me. I mean it. Bleach!

I spent the next day searching the computer for a job opening, anything in education. Heck, I'm willing to tutor children. But there was nothing. I really need to call a lawyer about my situation. I want to sure Riverdale Board of Education for wrongful termination. I'm almost 100% positive from what I researched online.

After about an hour of searching for jobs I realized that I wasn't feeling too hot. Think I'm coming down with the flu. I was over Trisha's new apartment and her sister, Tosha, was there. She had the beginnings of a cold, and I think I picked it up.

I called my doctor and she told me that the flu was starting early this season. And throwing up is just one of the symptoms. She told me to lay down and get some rest. And if I still didn't feel better by morning to call her and she would have me come in for a visit.

Well needless to say later that night I found out why I was feeling so sick. It seems like that beer that went to my head will having me paying for it for years to come. I can't believe that I'm pregnant. How will Rupert react?

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