Monday, November 24, 2008

Mary Snowden Simdays 36 - 40

Well my birthday came and went with little fan fair. I didn't want a huge party, just a well wishes from family and friends. I think I'm to old for the whole party scene.

But I have to say I aged very nicely! I mean, I thought I was cute as a kid but I'm very pleased to how I look now. Don't get me wrong, I'm not conceded I'm just happy that I'm not ugly.

So shortly after my birthday the Michels were invited by mom over for dinner. They seemed really cool, I enjoyed talking to Mr. Michels. We discussed schools and the educational system. He asked me how I liked attending R.S.E. (Riverdale School of Excellence). I told him I liked it, academically it's a great school. It's preparing me for my future education. Do I sound like a politician? *groans* I think I spend way to much time with my dad.

He also told me that they had just gotten back from Florida. The trip sounded nice. I think I would like to go. I mean going to the Far East was awesome, and I would love to go back there. But sand and sun sounds like a fun time to be had. Even knowledge bound people like to let their hair down as well. But not to much, lol.

I'm totally in love... with Gavin, my baby brother. I really wanted to stay home when mom went into labor but I was ordered to school. There was no reason other than me being really since to miss out on furthering my education. I rolled my eyes, I really wanted to be there. *sigh* Oh, well. Guess I'll have to wait until Fatima has a baby. Not like that will be anytime soon though. She told me that she and Mansur are just enjoying being married.

I help my mom with Gavin as much as I can. I can't wait until he's a toddler, I can do more stuff with him. Like teaching him chess, and violin, ok, those are for when he's older, but I can dream, lol.

I spend quit a bit of time on the computer as well. I enjoying researching things online and chatting with my new friend, Marchon Cunningham. *smiles* I wonder will this will take me. He's really nice and super cool. I enjoy chatting with him. He's way more interesting than the boys here in Riverdale. They are completely immature. They're only good for playing sports with and that's it. Marchon on the other hand is easy to talk to and totally understands where I'm coming from.

So Fatima and Masur stopped by for Sunday dinner. It was nice, they should come over more often. I go to their place when I can, but since they live downtown it's kinda hard. I need to ask my dad about teaching me to drive. I wanna learn so bad. It'll be super cool when I can. I know I'm only 14 now, but in two years I'll be able to drive *happy dance* and I can visit my sister more often and just hang with my best friend Cameron. I can't wait until her birthday!

So anywho, over dinner Masur asked me what I wanted to major in at college. I'm really into art and I said that. He and my sister supported the idea, but my mom have me this strange look. I think she'd rather I chose a profession that will grant me more money. But I don't plan on being some starving artiest type. I want to me as big as Van Gogh or bigger.

The next morning she brought the topic up again. *yawn* She also wanted to know did I give any thought as to where I wanted to go. I decided that I would like to stick close to home. And I so going to graduate with honors. I mean I have to, not to blow my own horn or anything. But I'm super smart, straight A's, and I'm getting like a ton of scholarships. How could I not leave school with honors!

I'm into a lot of things. I enjoy fashion. It would be really cool to design my own clothing line one day. I tell this to my dad, he only nods his head and continues to eat. He supports me in all that I do, but sometimes I feel he thinks I'm to all over the place with my plans. But hello, 14, it's not like I have my whole life laid out in font of me already!
But yeah, I'd like to be a fashion designer. Maybe I'll go to school for that.
And of course art. I loving painting landscapes the most. They are so peaceful to do and look at. Maybe I'll sell a few before I go to uni. see how they do. I could still major in art for fashion design.

I also LOVE chess. I beat my dad like 99.9% of the time. And no, I don't cheat. Ok, not all the time, but it's so funny how he falls for the same trick over and over again, lol.

I also enjoy swimming, and soccer, not to mention football. But it's getting harder to play with the boys since they are starting to get stronger than me. *sigh* At least I have other things to occupy my time.

Little Gavin. I'll have him to toss around the pigskin for a while. He's already growing to fast and he looks just like mom! I know she's happy. Me and Fatima look way more like dad, but in a good way. 'Cause eww it us if we looked mannish, lol. That would be wrong on so many levels that it would be funny.

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