Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Emma King Simdays 36 - 40

It's official I am totally in lust, yes, LUST with Rupert Cotton. I know it's wrong since I know his reputation, but I can't help it. He's very sweet, and kind, and a gentle lover. *sigh* But I really don't want anything serious. I mean, I recently left a man at the alter because I felt trapped, I don't want to make the same mistake twice.

But I don't know why I'm even worried, it's not as if Rupert is into a long term thing. I explained to him how I felt, he smiled the caressed my cheek. Telling me that he felt the same way.

Yup, even with a four year college education I can still be gullible. Like he feels the same way about me. But that didn't stop me from not sleeping alone that night.

This bites! I wish I could get my mind off of Rupert. And did I mention that we live in the same building? So avoiding him is not an option. I need to get away, go to a place were I'm Rupert Cotton free. So I can breath and clear my head.

That's just what I decided to do. I took off work for three days a booked a flight to Florida. Yeah, it's a family destination but I hear that it has some pretty good sites for the adults too. Fun, sand, and sun, can't be wrong. And I will be far far away from the fall weather and one Rupert Cotton.

I had a wonderful three days. I even managed to pick up a tan, and swimming with the dolphins. Heaven. I think I'll go back to Florida soon.

Just when I thought I was free he drew me back in! Grrr! My mind was clear of Rupert, but I bumped into him coming home from work this afternoon. Wow, he smelled awesome and looked even better than I remembered. So what does a woman do when she's confused? Go out on the town!

I headed downtown and went to the "Be Real" night club. It's pretty popular with the 20 something group, so I fit in well. But it's really tiny. I would be nice if another club were to open up. Anywho, after a few drinks I was ready to sing some karaoke.

After singing I decided to grab another drink. I think it made me a bit too friendly. "You think I'm pretty, right" The dude just stared at me then got up and walked away. Yup, that was a boot to my confidence.

Bartender, keep em' comin'!

Around 2 am the bartender cut me off. I was liking my fru fru drinks with the little pink umbrellas. :( Oh, well. I needed to use the bathroom anyways. That's when I accidentally bumped into this fine looking man. I think he said his name was Xander something. I'm not sure.

I smiled up at him and told him I thought he was hot.

He returned the compliment and asked me if I would like to go someplace private with him. I didn't give it much though, I mean come on, I was drunk. Plus he's hot. Could you blame me?

The next morning you can guess I wasn't feeling to hot. Not only was I having a huge hangover but I totally slept with a stranger, who was hot, but still a stranger. And didn't he mention something about he was engaged and soon to be married? I just hope his future wife doesn't find out. I think I'll lay of the drinks for a while.

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