Monday, November 24, 2008

I think I rebounded and recovered from my divorce nicely. I mean I met a wonderful man, and accidentally got pregnant. Which is okay since I have two beautiful twins and did I mention just how great Brian is? Well he is wonderful. And I love how we are. There's no pressure for marriage or even to get engaged, we are just happy.

Once I found out that I was pregnant we decided to move in together as a trail run to see if we could live together without killing each other. Yeah, yeah, I can hear you now. Yes, our relationship started out purely physical but once children got involved I just couldn't leave it at that.

But living together has it's perks as well. No more sneaking Brian out of the house at 4 am so the boys didn't see that he stayed the night. We are together and happy.

My beloved Bonkers has aged into an elder. I felt a bit sad. I've had her since I was married, and before Davon was born. I hate to see her go and I know she will be gone soon. I mean, I'm not getting ahead of myself, she's OLD! Old people and cats die. *sobs* I'm so emotional, I hope I'm not pregnant again.

Now that I'm getting older I'm starting think I'm not as attractive as I once was. I will I be able to keep Brian interested in me? I mean, I know we aren't a May December thing, but he is younger and their are girls his age who don't have children, and more that willing to be with him.

I expressed this to him, but he reassured me that he was totally devoted to me. Yeah, I've heard that before and look where it got me. A divorce and some witch living in my old house sleeping with my ex-husband. But Brian is different I know it. And I believe him. he loves me and our children.

Aaron and Adrian have gotten so big. Aaron looks like his daddy while Adrian looks like me. I'm enjoying these last moments of parenthood, and thank goodness I'm not pregnant I'm entering into menopause, so I'm all hormonal. Another baby at my age. That would make me faint.

I'm starting to really show my age, all the foundation in the world can't hide the proof in the mirror. I can't believe I have the early signs of wrinkles. I don't feel middle aged though. *sigh* Oh, well, guess I better get used to it.

Just hope I'm around long enough to see the twins graduate college and start a family.

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