Sunday, November 9, 2008

Tazikati Smith - Simdays 36 - 40

The candy shop is doing really well. I am very pleased. When I started this venture I never thought I would do so well. I have actually made back what I paid for the lot and the shelving placed inside. I recently realized that I needed a extra set of hands during the day, and decided to ask Annabell if she would help out.

She accepted since she had just graduated college and was looking for work. So after agreeing to a reliable wage she started. It's nice working with her, and I will miss her when she leaves to work in her desired career, but for now it's just mother and daughter.

Meet Polly. We decided to get a bird, we already have a dog, Cotton, but felt that the bird would be a nice addition to the family pets.

Every one's enjoying little Polly. We are even teaching him to talking. So far, so good!

Someone forgot to close the the door to his cage. Oh, it was me. lol Sorry, I'll remember next time.

I have no idea what happened. After catching Polly and putting him back in his cage everyone went to bed. The next morning went as all mornings in our house goes, we eat breakfast then everyone gets ready for work and school. Polly at his normal bird seed, but once finished he just dropped dead. Literally, he fell over and hit the bottom of his cage. Everyone couldn't believe it.

Cameron is taking it the hardest. Poor dear. She really like Polly. Maybe we'll get another bird.

I decided to read her to sleep after Polly's passing. We both enjoyed the extra time together.

It seems as if Cameron got over Polly quick, her focus in now on an older guy? What the heck! I think she's a bi to young to be worrying about crushes, besides, he's married!

"I want to be an astronaut!" Cameron informs us at dinner one night. She would like to be the first sim on the moon. But I think that distinction already belongs to another sim I tell her. Then she decides that she still wants to be an astronaut so that she can explore far off galaxies.

For some strange reason my husband, Liam, thinks this is a wonderful idea. Don't encourage her on fantasies!

And her little friend Mary Snowden, shares the same idea. They both want to be astronauts and explore space. I told them that for now they'd have to settle with exploring the font and back yards. They are up for the challenge, lol.

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