Sunday, November 23, 2008

Kathy Snowden Simdays 36 - 40

I was still a bit down by Mary not wanting to celebrate her birthday with a huge party. When she turned into a child she was thrilled to have one, but I guess turning into a teen wasn't such a big deal to her. *roll eyes* Teenagers, lol.

We had just finished up breakfast when the school bus was outside beeping for Mary to come out when I went into labor. Antwan had left early for work so I called him on his cell. I told him to meet me at the hospital and instructed Mary to get on the bus and to go to school.

She mumbled under her breath about the unfairness of it all. She really wanted to be present for the birth. I told her that in due time she'll get her chance, lol. (Can you see, I redecorated the dining room and kitchen. As well as our bedroom. Next up, the living room!)

So the Michels were in town for a visit. I actually found out by accident. I was out for my morning jog and was passing the Kent place when I spotted Nick out on the porch. I recognized them from the Hood Council picture that Mayor Cunningham had sent my husband a few years back. So I invited them over for dinner.

I was eager to meet Honey. A true actress in my home, lol. But I hate to say this but we hardly had anything in common. No matter what we tried we just couldn't hit it off. But it was still a lovely visit.

While Anton and Mary entertained our guests I made dinner. I settled on some southern fried catfish with veggies. One of my favorite dishes.

Dinner went off without a hitch, and everyone loved the food. Honey told us how she and Nick met and about their wedding. Now that was something we did find common ground on, the love of our lives!

Later that night after the Michels had left my husband told me of the going ons in Simmington Hills. See, Nick is the financial advisor and with the recent tragedy suffered by the hood they had to rebuild. Well the budget is bad off, like really bad off. This is what Sabien had told Anton. And with this all out in the open Nick hopped a plan and took a vacation to Florida.

I know, this doesn't bod well for him. But I think he just needs to sit down and speak with the Mayor, see eye to eye as they say. In the end it should all work out for the best. I just hate to see a lovely family like theirs be put out, lose jobs, etc., because of this. But just because they seem like nice people, jumping a plan an going on vacation when your hood could be going bankrupt. I don't know.

See this is why I hate leaving the kids with the hubby. This is Anton's version of watching the baby, lol. Look, Gavin is asleep on the floor while the man of the house stuffs his face, lol. It's all good though.

I also hired a new maid. The only one just didn't cut it. She didn't know that I had a hidden camera placed in the house to observe her. I pretty much had an idea as to what she was up to but I wanted proof. She wasn't really cleaning, spending her time chatting on the phone, eating my food, and taking change from our change jar.

So I hired Jamie Lopez. She does a wonderful job, and is done in half the time the old maid took.

Everyone was actually together for breakfast one morning and I asked Mary had she given any though to looking into universities to attend. She said that she had but was focusing on staying close to home.

It's great being a mom for the third and last time. I'm pleased that I also have a son. Don't get me wrong, I would have been happy if little Gavin had been a girl. But now I know the Snowden name will live on with him.

We had Fatima and Mansur over for dinner just to catch up with each other and to see how married life was treating them. They are both still very much enjoying married life and also enjoying their chosen careers. I know Antwan wanted Fatima to follow in his footsteps, but one never knows. Right now she's in the Law field, but who knows what the future will hold.
I just want to know when they are going to give me my first grandchild. It's not like I'm getting any younger, lol.

Anton adores Gavin. He spend almost all of his free time with him. Did I mention he's already gotten the boy his first baseball set? And a football helmet. At least the boy looks like me! lol

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