Monday, November 24, 2008

Nadya Novak - Simdays 36 - 40

Where has my little girl gone? Apparently out the window with her common sense. I come home from work to giggling coming from my bedroom. And to my shock and horror I walk in on my daughter in bed with a boy!!!!! When did she start having sex and where was I?

I mean I know I work but I have always been there for her, and I thought we talked. I had no idea she even had a boyfriend. I know about Bart Ottomas too. He's a little skirt chasing trouble maker. Him his brother and that Christian kid hang out causing trouble. And my daughter is mixed up with him!? I can't believe this.

After tossing him out on his ear and banning him never to come back I went back to Vanya. She had finished getting dressed. "What in the world were you thinking?" I shouted at her. "This is how you spend your afternoons while I'm at work?"

Vanya refused to talk only shouting that she and Bart were in love and that I couldn't stop her from seeing him.

Oh well, I think she's forgotten who's the mother and and who's the child. I stopped her alright and grounded her for a month.

After I calmed down and fixed dinner I approached the subject again. I just don't her to make the same mistakes that I did when I was young. I was foolish and in love with her father at college and ended up getting pregnant with her. I just don't want the same fate with her.

Vanya deserves someone better than Bart. I know she can do better she just needs to open her eyes.

I'm starting to worry about her. She doesn't think I know but I've been hearing her run to the bathroom in the mornings. She turns the tub on as if she's showering but I hear her throwing up. Please, oh, please, don't let it be what I think it is. I know she's been sneaking Bart over. I think I should take her to the doctors.

Every time I bring up the topic of her being pregnant she changes the subject. I don't have valid proof that she is, only suspicion. But I've been a cop long enough to know when my gut is onto something.Never in my life have I hoped to be so wrong.

"I've scheduled you an appointment with Dr. Snowden."

Vanya's head snapped up sharply from her dinner. "Why, for what?" She asked.

"Because you've been so tired these past few months. I just worry about you that's all."

"I'm not sick mom, I'm pregnant."

"You're what? Are you sure?"

She nodded her head yes, explaining that she took a home test and how it produced the results in under a minute. She also told me that the baby was starting to move. Which was not good. I couldn't take to the doctor and get this fixed, she was to far along. Why had she hidden this from me for so long?

She's just messed up her life. Okay, I wouldn't go that far, but she's made it sure a lot harder for herself now. And I'm to young to be a grandmother! What are we going to do.

I asked her if she told Bart and she said yes, which was a surprise. She had told him before she told me. I am hurt, but I guess he deserved to know first since he played a HUGE part in this.

"What if you give the baby up for adoption? It's not only better for you but for the child as well. You can continue on with your education and growing up, and the baby can go to a loving mature home."

That did not go over well with Vanya. She jumped up off the couch screaming at me, saying that I didn't give her up. But I was also older than her almost finished with my college education. I was mature enough for a baby. She forgets that she's not. Just because you can make a baby doesn't mean you can raise or support one. And she and Bart surly can't!

A few days later Vanya went into labor. Now the baby is here. Don't get me wrong he is a lovely boy. But I still want her to do what is best for the both of them. And I'm pretty sure Bart won't be showing his face around here any time soon. The boy wasn't even here for the birth.
(Notes from GoldenBuffy: It's true Vanya never brought the topic up of her beign pregnant with her mom. Everytime Nadya starting talking about toys Vanya would change the subject on her own. I then had her call Bart and the first thing she did was tell him about the baby. Nadya kept taking about her being sick so she finally said she was pregnant. I was very surprised. Again, I've never had a sim not say they were pregnant before. Just like a teen. lol)

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