Monday, November 24, 2008

Davon Christian Simdays 36 - 40

Neither me or AJ are happy about the move to this new place. Sure it's bigger than our old apartment (that got torn down), but this place bites. Mom says it's only temporary until the finish up so new affordable buildings, but I still hate it here.

And how weird is it living with mom's much younger boyfriend Brian Chew. He used to be the janitor at our school and now he's my mom's babies daddy.

Sometimes I wish I could go live with dad. But he has his new life with Joy and their kids. I feel like if it weren't for our weekly visits with him that he would forget all about the two of us.

But I try not to focus to much on dad and his new family. I put a lot of time into my studies. I may not be one of the smartest kids out there but I know what I want to do with my life, and to achieve that I want to have a solid education.

I know college is out of the question. With mom working two jobs and Brian working as will, it's bringing in just enough for us to live. Seriously, mom doesn't think I know but I found a bank statement one day while unpacking, we're just above water. I have no idea how they do it. And before Brian joined the family my mom's head was underwater.

I want to become a famous rapper and make tons of cash, not just for me, but for mom. I want her to quit cleaning peoples toilets and live in the lap of luxury.

I have no idea what's up with AJ in the background. He just doubled over and started throwing up. I am NOT helping him clean that stuff up.

But I just can't sit around and wait for my great discovery. I need to help out around here. So I've decided to get a part time job. Nothing fancy just enough to help keep food on the table and maybe save up some money to make a demo CD.

When I'm not studying or working I'm practicing my moves. I got mad skills. I know I'm going to be huge!!!!!

It's bad enough that mom and Brian did the deed and ended up producing twins, but must they subject us to their PDA's!!!! Gross, it's old people love. Err, not that I'm calling mom old or anything. She's not that old and Brian, well he's not old. They need to take that stuff behind closed doors, all I'm saying.

Me and AJ spend time together, though we are complete opposites. We hardly have anything in common. I like rap he likes rock, I want to rap he wants to be, well he hasn't made up his mind yet. But what ever it will be I know it won't be something I even like, lol. But we do enjoy each other and bowling. That's fun. He do it twice a week, or at least try.
If any of us go to college I'm sure it will be him. He's super smart, straight A's. AJ is going to make something of himself.

Normally when we take a break from bowling I spend the extra time trying to beat the high score on the arcade games. One day I'll do it.

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