Friday, March 5, 2010

Jodie Burrego

Name: Jodie Burrego (maiden: Dawson)

Age: 52, 1961

Formally From: Apple Valley

Personality: Aquarius, 4-4-4-7-6


Parents: Ellsworth and Jan Dawson

Siblings: Jolie Dawson, Janet Dawson, Johan Shazad, Joey Mendenhall (twin)

Partner: Zac Bureggo (married: 1987 - Present)

Children: Ariel Burrego, Bell Burrego, Fyodor Burrego, Cicero Burrego

Romantic History: Meet and married college sweetheart Zac Burrego

Turn Ons: Formal Wear/Underwear

Turn Off: Stink

Education: Pierce University; Psychology Degree GPA. 4.0

Career: Medical, level 5

Previous Employment: Athletic Career

Aspiration: Knowledge

Lifetime Want:

Hobby: Nature

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