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Phillips and Novak Wedding

March, Spring 2013, Dominic Phillips is 37, Nadya Novak is 45 (Vanya Novak is 21, Mathew Novak is 65, Nanat Novak is 67, Nathan and Tosha Novak are both 33, Thomas Brooks is 56, Tyra Brooks is 53, and Mohindr Ramaswami is 32.)

It's a beautiful March day and perfect for a Springtime wedding. The winter frost is finally over and the spring thaw has begun. And Dominic Phillips believes that he is indeed the worlds luckiest man. Standing before him is his beautiful bride ready to take him as her husband for life.

Nadya can't believe it either. Yes, she's been planning this for a while now, but standing here, now, in front of the man that she loves, she can't believe that the day has finally arrived. She's feeling a few butterflies in her stomach, but that's to be expected.

What isn't expected is her sister in law making sexy eyes at her father in law. Nadya closes her eyes and takes a deep breath. Today will got smoothly if it's the last thing that she does.

Nanat catches Tosha eyeing her man. She walks over to the two and folds her arms across her chest. The nasty glare that she sends her daughter in law is all the words she needs to say. No one is going to ruin her daughter's happy day!

Dominic smiles at Nadya. "You haven't gone and developed a case of cold feet have you?" He asks her light heartily.

She laughs and shakes her head no.

He breaths a sigh of relief, he doesn't know what he would do if she said no now.

Nadya takes another steadying breath before the ceremony begins.

The ceremony is over in the nick of time before the heavens open up for a early spring snow shower.

Vanya is so happy for her mom. She's also a bit jealous, she's glad that her mom is married to the man that she loves, but Vanya just wishes she could have just a small about of the same good luck too with her man.

"Good thing we decided to hold the reception indoors." Dominic says, gazing up at the blotchy sky.

But before any of the guest can head inside the snow vanishes as quickly as it appears, and people start to mingle, reconnecting with old friends before heading inside.

Vanya asks her uncle if he and his wife plan to have any more children. As for herself, she's pretty sure that she is done having kids.

Nathan wouldn't mind at least one more child. And if it were up to him that second baby would either be here already or at least on the way. But Tosha is not having any of it. She's popped out one kid and that's enough for her.

Soon it's time to cut the cake.

And feed it to the groom. It's tradition!

Tosha sits down at Nanat's table, she's decided to try and smooth things over with the woman. But the elder is not in the mood to hear any of her excuses as to why she was eyeing up her husband.
"I don't understand why she's so upset. It's not like I'm actually going after Mathew or their money." Tosha says with a shrug.

"I know that. Because you sure didn't marry me for my money." Nathan winks at his wife. "But my mom is a little touchy on the subject. Older woman are intimidated by younger women who find their men attractive."

Nadya can't keep the secret much longer and she decides to share her good news with Mohindr. She's only known for a few days, but she's pregnant. She and Dominic have been trying for a while, and she was beginning to fear that having a second child wasn't going to happen. But now it has. Nadya plans on telling Dominic tonight once they are back home alone!

Mohnidr is happy for his friend. What wonderful news to share on such a wonderful occasion. He does sigh inwardly though. He had hopes of having a second child with Danielle, but with things up in the air now he can count that dream out for now. He's not even sure if his own marriage will still be intact.
Nadya is unaware of Mohindr's internal plight. He has kept things quite about his personal life with every even his parents. So as far as the outside world knows Danielle is home sick. He congratulates Nadya again and gets up to leave.
I was so happy that the snow didn't come down as they were getting married. I didn't think of putting up a tent since I had planned for the rest of the wedding to be indoors. And another good thing the fountain. When they first arrived at the lot, the fountain was frozen over, but as the guest sat down and stuff it unfroze. I was very pleased.
Little baby Phillips is due Dec. 2013. I really didn't think she was going to get pregnant. They have been actively trying since before Vanya moved out to her trailer. This was a natural baby too, no fertility treatments!
Sorry for ending on a kind of a downer note, but I figured that Mohindr would be happy for his friend, but also a little down in the dumps over his marriage. Poor guy. Notice Danielle was not there.


  1. What a cute wedding. I thought the dress was a perfect choice for the bride. LOL at Nanat glaring. Poor Mo, hopefully he will get his thoughts together soon about his marriage.

    I love Nanat's hair btw, wcif?

  2. Yeah, that's a beautiful, traditional looking dress. @Apple Valley, I just happened to download Nanat's hair yesterday from Peggy Zone.

    I'm glad the weather cooperated enough for the wedding. It was really beautiful. I had to laugh at the relatives though, they always seem to pick weddings to be really inappropriate.

    So what are the chances of Nadya getting pregnant? I hope her pregnancy goes well.

  3. Apple, like Fancesca said it's a Peggy hair. I really love it! I can't remember if it's pay or free. I'll see if I can find it. (I'm organizing my downloads folder better).

    Nadya's dress is from All About Style. When I first saw it I knew it was for her!

    Francesca, thank you! I'm loving that dress. It's one of my favs. that I've downloaded.

    Why do relatives do that? *shakes head* Can't they get along at least once. But Nanat never really liked her daughter in law much anyway.

    I didn't chech ACR but I think it was pretty low. So I was very thrilled that she got pregnant.

  4. Sorry I didn't have time to find the Peggy # for Nanat's hair earlier, but now I think I have it: Mesh #004928. I think it is a pay item. The link is:

  5. Oops, that link doesn't take you to the right page. I think this is it: So sorry for the comment spam.

  6. What a gorgeous wedding! Spring weddings are always a bit of a risk in TS2, with the possibility of snow, if you do them early on in the season. I'm glad it co-operated though.

    And a baby! I was so surprised when I saw Vanya was pregnant! I'm happy for her and Dominic that they didn't have to go through fertility treatments. He/she will be their little miracle baby!

  7. What a gorgeous wedding, and I love the beautiful benches on the lot, too. I'm happy for the newlyweds and their upcoming bundle of joy! Nanat has got some fire left in her, doesn't she? She's like..."Don't mess with me young lady!" ROFL!

  8. Beautiful ceremony. How perfect that the fountain unfroze (I've never noticed that they freeze, I'll have to keep my eye open now), and that they didn't get a blizzard. Blue skin isn't generally the color you go for on you wedding day.

    Poor Mohindr, hope things work out for him. And I hope that Tosha can get the air cleared as well.


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