Monday, March 8, 2010

Salt n' wounds

February, Winter 2012 (2013), Mohindr Ramaswami is 32, Danielle is 31, and Colby is 3. (Brandon Reed is 49.) Last updated.

Her life is great. She as a great husband, and a great kid. She even has a great job that pays pretty well. But some days Danielle can't help but to think that something is missing in her life.

She stands looking at her husband. He's so sweet and caring. He's everything she could ever ask for in a man.

Mohindr notices something is different with Danielle but he doesn't say anything. If she wants to talk she will. His wife has never been the kind of woman to hold her tongue.

So instead of worrying over her he spends a few months talking with Brandon Reed. They may not be the best of friends but they have an easy going relationship. Mohindr talking about how easy it was teaching Colby how to walk.

Brandon laughs and agrees. Teaching his four children to walk was a walk in the park. He just hops it's as easy with his granddaughter, Ebony.

Danielle has also found speaking with Brandon to be a liberating experience. She's also found that little piece that has been missing from her life.

And she isn't even sure how this "thing" started. It could have been a glance, a accident brush of hands, or just that bit of emptiness sitting in the pit of her stomach. It's possible that Brandon sensed it and offered up his services to fill it.
Either way, this "thing" has been going on for two weeks now. As soon as Mohindr leaves for work Brandon slips downstairs. They use their time together wisely, not wasting a moment for each moment is precious.

But once he's gone and her son is woke, she feels remorseful. She loves Mohindr and she loves her life with him... for the most part. And she knows that what she is doing with Brandon is wrong, but she just can't seem to stop.

She tells him she's making dinner. Nothing fancy, just some tomato soup from the can. But it's a distraction to take her mind off of things.

He isn't so sure of the whole cooking thing, knowing his wife has a long track record of burning everything. She's even burnt water. And he marvels at that since that's near impossible to do.
Colby doesn't care who cooks as long as it comes soon. The poor boy is famished.

She is pleased! Not only did she not burn the creamy mixture she's also managed to garnish is nicely.
Colby beats on his highchair try. "Mommy, food, now." He commands with a grin.

They finish dinner and she cleans up. Mohindr has placed Colby in his crib for the night. She's on his mind tonight, more than ever. Somethings up, that he is sure of. But what, he can't say. She's never shown any desire to really cook unless his parents are coming for a visit, since Danielle wants desperately for Priya to like her and or cooking.
He sighs as he hears her approach. Maybe he should ask her what's bothering her after all.
But Mohindr is the furthest thing from her mind. She can help but to think about all the naughty things that were done on her living room floor just this morning with Brandon. Mohindr is a wonderful lover, but Brandon is more experienced and teaches her so much. The though of him sends shiver down her spine.

They may not have talked last night but Mohindr showed her a thing or two of his own, and Danielle finds herself drawing a line in the sand. She is going to tell Brandon that this "thing," because she refuses to call it an affair, is over. That they can't see each other anymore. She loves Mohindr and she's going to make this marriage work.

Yup, she's sure told him! Well, she plans to tell Brandon as soon as he gets his tongue out of her mouth, and his hand off of her butt.

They eat a late dinner that night. Colby has been sleep for two hours and she heats up the left over soup from a few nights ago. She asks her husband to sit back now, that they need to talk.

He does as she asks and stares at her from across the table, absently playing with his spoon.

"It's about our marriage." She starts, not sure how he's going to take the news. "I've been thinking a lot about it. Our vows, what we declared to each other. What our marriage meant to us, and what it means to us now."

"I'm not following you. Are you saying that you regret marrying me?" He asks, brow wrinkled.
There isn't a way to sugar coat what she has to say, so she just says it. "I sorta cheated on you."

It takes a moment for her words to sink in, and he absorbs what she has just confessed to him. "What do you mean you cheated on me? You've been sleeping with another man while I'm out here breaking my back to provide for you!" He begins to get up but sits back down. "Who is he?" He asks in a cool voice.

She's on the verge of tears and fights to hold them back. She wishes she could take back what she's told him if only to prevent the look of betrayal written upon his face.
"It was... it was Brandon Reed." She finishes saying his name then lowers her head in shame.

This time he gets up from his seat and heads to the kitchen.
"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to sleep with your friend." Danielle blurts out. Mohindr just snorts in disgust as he tosses the cup into the sink.

Soon after all hell breaks lose. He's outside and in Brandon's face before he can even process what he's doing. He's screaming and pushing, and shoving the man he once called a friend. Telling him that he knows everything that's been going on between him and Danielle.
And to Mohindr's surprise Brandon is unfazed by the admission. As if affairs are a everyday occurrence between a married couple. This angers Mohindr even more and before he knows it he's punched Brandon in the face.

He feels vindicated as he wipes the floor with Brandon's ass. Maybe he'll think twice before sticking it in another mans wife.

"You didn't have to do that." Danielle exclaims.
But yes, he had. He needed to beat the man that ruined his marriage. It's not as if he can just slap around his wife for doing what she's done to him.
"I don't even want to speak to you." He finally says.
"But I still love you, Mo. I didn't mean for any of it to happen. Can't you believe that?"
He glares at her. "If you did love me you wouldn't have opened you legs to another man. Get out of my face."

She fights back tears but a few spill forth anyway. But she manages a glare at him as well. It isn't out of anger, but out of hurt. He's hurt her, not as badly as she's hurt him, but the words stung.

The couch is his bed for now. Unsure of what to do next Mohidr drifts off to sleep thinking that he hasn't been this heartbroken since Annabell's death.
Well, this came out of no where. Danielle is a Romance sim, but she's never showed any romantic wants towards anyone but Mohindr, until she met Brandon. Brandon is a Romance sim as well and they both are attracted to each other.
She started the affair on her own by rolling the want to woo hoo with Brandon. She also told Mohindr over dinner that she cheated on him. The fight was my doing. Since Mohindr is the type that would just take the news of his wife bonking some other guy lightly.
I don't know what's going to happen with these two. She fell back in love with Mohindr when he was fussing her out. LOL I guess she likes to be verbally abuses. She's rolling wants for both men right now. So I'm just going to have to play them and see what happens.
Sorry if this post seems all over the place. I played their house back before I moved and it's hard trying to remember everything you wanted to say months later. Plus I have a killer migraine right now. :(


  1. Wow, poor Mo. I feel bad for him and what he must be going through and yet his wife and friend are trying to make light of the situation. I wish I could give him a hug ;P

  2. Poor Mohindr. His wife cheats on him and then he finds out the guy she cheated with is his friend, who's been acting chummy with him all along, as if nothing was wrong.

  3. Apple, I with you, Mohindr is in a bad place right now. Danielle is super confused. She isn't making light of what's going on, but she also really can't understand where her husband is coming from. She did apologize. LOL

    Carla, talk about a real good friend right? With a friend like that....

  4. Poor Mohindr, finding out that your wife has been cheating with your friend must feel like a double betrayal. :(

  5. I agree Shana. But I have a feeling Mohindr will bounce back stronger than ever!

  6. Great title--poor Mohindr. So do you have a mod that produced that interesting "woohoo with a tongue" bubble? The juxtaposition of her thinking of what she'd done that morning, with Mohindr thinking about her, really showed how they had diverged.

  7. Frabcesca, thanks, glad you like the title. The mod for the thought bubble is called the wild sex mod, made by Joker's Wild. You can find it over at Back Alley Sims in the adult secontion. (You have to join first if you want to download).

  8. Thanks, I thought it was pretty neat.

  9. QUOTE: There isn't a way to sugar coat what she has to say, so she just says it. "I sorta cheated on you."

    Sorta cheated, Danielle?! LOL! I'm surprised she told him outright at dinner, though. That's the first time I think I've seen that.

    No wonder Mohindr was acting like he was at Dominic's wedding. (I read the most recent update, first. hahaha!)


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