Thursday, December 22, 2011

Who likes games? Part 3

May, Spring 2016, Cameron Smith is 18, Liam Smith is 59, Jayden Smith is 2.5. (Ashley Pitts is 20.) Last update.


Cameron couldn't be more happy. Things with Ashely have been going great. Never in her wildest dreams would she have thought that love would have found her so quickly after breaking up with Viggo.
But it did and it's been growing ever since. And the added bonus, her parents simply adore Ashely. Especially Liam, he'll hang around just so he can chat and catch up with the young man, before heading off for work.


Which Cameron loves. But some part of her wonders why they could never fully accept Viggo. Maybe she still has some blinders regarding him, but he was the love of her life, and is the father of her son. Plus, Viggo was pretty decent, at least in her own eyes, until she got pregnant.

But Ashely is completely different compared to Viggo. When he found out that she had a son he didn't go running off. No, he stayed with her and got to know Jayden. There's so many positives that Cameron can say about Ashley. That she could express in words to him. But right now, her parents are at work and Jayden is down for a nap. And she much rather show him physically than say the words.


She leads him down the hall and into her room. It's wired actually, but only for a brief moment. The first and only guy to ever be in her bedroom was Viggo. That seems a lifetime ago.

He nuzzles her neck and brings her back to him. He asks if she's sure she's ready for this. She nods her head, because she is. She's put much thought into becoming intimate with him. It wasn't a rash decision like the first time she'd done it.


He's done this before with other girl friends, not a ton, but a few, and yet he finds himself nervous for the first time in a really long time. He doesn't want to mess this up. In his heart he knows that Cameron is the one for him. When he had asked her out, he knew that she was special, just how special she was he hadn't yet known. But now he does and he doesn't want to mess anything up between the two of them.


She looks up at him with a smile, telling him that she loves him. Because she does and she knows he loves her. It's not the first time that she's said these three little words to him, at this moment though they mean so much more to the both of them.


Later, after they've said their good-byes and he leaves for his afternoon classes, Viggo comes by for Jayden. She watches them play together, and she wouldn't call it guilt, but her cheeks flush at the memory of she and Ashely. Did Viggo feel this way after he slept with Sarah? She wonders, but she could never ask him. It would upset him.

And she likes were things are with the two of them now. They are civil with each other, even after the fiasco at the party on campus. She still wants to be friends with him. So if keeping small bits of information from him is what it takes then she's up for it.


  • FINALLY! I am done with my uni updates. *happy dance* 
  • Cameron rolled the want to finally woohoo with Ashely. He's had the want for a while longer, he rolled it when they were at the park with Viggo a while back. So they have officially crossed the bridge and have taken their relationship to the next level. Only draw back. Once Ashley left and Viggo came over, she started rolling wants for him. Platonic wants, but she hadn't given 2 cents about Viggo since they broke up. So I have no idea where this girl's head is right now.
Grades for this semester:

Cameron Smith: Business Management B+ GPA 3.0 
Suni Ramaswami: Fashion B- GPA 3.4
Sarah Corbin: Undeclared B+ GPA 3.0 $800
Marcus Brooks: Biology B+ GPA  3.3 $800

Lana Corbin: Chemistry A+ GPA 3.4 DL  $1200
Orlando Bertino: Undeclared A+ GPA 3.2 DL $1200

Keegan Ottamas: Games Engineering  A+  GPA 3.3 DL $1200
Chloe Gonzaga: Education D  GPA 3.1 Academic Probation


  1. Wait? What do you mean you're done with uni updates, what about the mystery woman in Orlando's room?

    I enjoy Ashley, I hope Cameron doesn't do something rash like return to Viggo, I'm not his biggest fan at all.

  2. Apple,No! I'm not done with uni updates, just this one! LOL It kicked my butt. I'm with you on the Cameron front. I hope she doesn't do anything stupid. Right now her wants are strictly platonic. But still.

    Thanks for reading and commenting!

  3. Oh I hope Cameron is careful, no more babies needed! Ashley in my game has a kid too! I'm glad they have a good balance, with Viggo, I hope it continues and that she is careful in her choices.

  4. Heh, I was thinking the same thing as Maisie - I hope Cameron and Ashley were careful, because one baby is enough for now. ;)

    I love when the wants turn out like that. It makes a lot of sense for Cameron to be more cautious about sleeping with Ashley, seeing she has Jayden to think about. I like Ashley though. I think this is a really healthy relationship for Cameron.

    It's good that she's civil with Viggo too. Just don't take it any further than that, Cameron! He had plenty of chances!

  5. Maisie,Ashely is a family guy in both our games. See, that's why he gets along so well with Jayden. He actually plays with him when he visits. I find it super sweet. Cameron is careful like always, but she did get knocked up with Jayden while she and Viggo were using BC.

    Carla,Yes, they are being careful. But like you guys I really don't want anymore kids for Cameron right now. LOL I like Ashley too, and her family and friends really like him. I think right now, since this is her first serious relationship after Viggo it's only natural to feel a little uneasy with things that are happening. Maybe...

    Thanks for reading and commenting guys!

  6. Ashely and Cameron are cute together. It seems to have worked out for both Cameron and Viggo to move on romantically and just co-parent


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