Tuesday, February 5, 2013

20 Questions

January, Winter 2016, Mansur Sanchez is 38, Fatima is 37, Alani is 7, Salma is 6, and Alon is 4.

Narrated: Fatima

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The kids are growing so fast, and so is their curiosity. They come home from school with some of the wildest questions Mansur and I have ever heard.

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One question wasn't so wild though, but it did catch me off guard. Alon wanted to know when was I going to have another baby? He asked since he's friends all seem to have a new baby brother or sister.
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I actually laughed a little, which he was not amused by. He really wants a baby brother. And I was at a lose of words as to why we hadn't given him said brother.
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Over dinner I broached the subject in a form of a joke. Just testing the waters, and to see how Mansur would react to the idea.
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He laughed as well, but clearly wasn't ready to entertain any thoughts of more children. "We're good at three!" was his final reply.
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I can't say I felt saddened by his reply, because in all honestly, with the kids now able to "fend" for themselves, and out of the house for a few hours a day at school. I'm able to have time to myself, and to pursue things that I haven't done in years. Like dancing. I used to enjoy it when young, even earned a scholarship for it towards college.

And when we moved into our home I turned the spare bedroom into a dance studio, and sadly never used it, until now. If we were to have another baby I would have to put my dancing off for even longer.
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I've even entertained the idea of taking the plunge back into the work force. I haven't worked since before Alani was born, and sometimes I feel that my college education is now going to waste. I mean, I have no small children home to care for, and I'm sure that I could find a job with hours allowing me to be home with them after school.
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And they are so active now. I couldn't imagine starting over from day one with another one. Though Alon is only 4, he's in pre-k, and hold his own with his sisters.
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Well for the most part. There are some activities that they enjoy torturing him with, like hiding the third controller to the Wii so he can't play.  And in all honesty, if we had another boy it would be a few years before Alon and a companions to help him against his sisters.
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And I just love watching them over dinner, as they chat their dad's head off with all the wonderful things they learned in school, and the adventures they had once home.
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I have to agree with my husband on this one. Three really is enough for us. It's the right number. Why try to fix something when it isn't broken? I know I'm not!


Well when I entered the lot Fatima rolled the want to have another baby. I was thinking "Seriously?" I really love the idea of them stopping at three. I mean, they had them all back to back, why not stop. Mansur was thinking along the same lines. So when Fatima posed the question over dinner he gave this silly looking face. No way was he having it. LOL  Thankfully though, by the end of the round her baby want rolled away!


  1. LOL, Fatima got to enjoy her dancing and she thought better of her baby want, obviously! And Mansur didn't seem to be on board with it anyway and you know...it takes two!

    Three seems right for this family. Alon might end up being a good boyfriend/husband some day, due to being surrounded by women and girls growing up. :) My sister's boyfriend is like that, for the same reason.

    1. ROFL Carla, my friends say that all that all the time about my son, since he's the only boy. He'll ake a great husband. I hope so. LOL

      I'm glad Fatima's baby want rolled away, I'm happy that they aren't going to be having any more mids!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  2. I think 3 is perfect too. I hope she goes ack to dancing, that would be fun

    1. Yes, dancing would be fun. She just might get the chance too... outside of the house!

      Thanks for taking the time to read and comment!

  3. Fatima is such a pretty sim and she makes cute kids. She should have another. LOL I love her hair. Do you know where you got it?

    1. I went into my hairs folders seeing if I could find the hair. Sadly, half of my hairs have pics and the other half doesn't. That hair, which ever one it is, doesn't have a pic. If I do find it, and if you haven't found it by now, I'll let you know.

  4. I didn't know you had only one son Asha, I do too, he's surrounded by girls! I was thinking of my son when I read about Alon wanting a baby brother, mine has wanted one since he was just a tot. I think Alon will be alright with it, funny on writing in the Wii remote getting hid, mean sisters! I do wish there was more than two controllers, because many games do allow 4 players. And then you got me thinking that a wii that they bounced around playing would be SUPER adorable!

    1. Yes, every time I read about you having one son I forget to tell you that I do too! He's officially 11 now and having a baby brother is out of the question now. ROFL I think he's doing find holding his own with his sisters. The Wii remote was inspired by my kids, they hide the fourth all the time so he can't play with them. smh Kids!

      Thanks for taking the time to read and comment!


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