Sunday, September 22, 2013

Possible Harddrive Issue

I have been gone for a long while, but I'm back online. Now it seems I might be having a harddrive issue, and I'm not too sure about that. When I try to load my game it freezes up. I haven't been able to play in a while. If you're over at N99, I posted over there asking for help on this issue. Also my pc has been throwing me "system failure" messages and "error" ones as well. While playing Sims 3 my computer gave me the blue screen of death, told me that it encountered a problem and needed to shut down.

It rebooted, then refused to load, asking for my reboot disk instead. But my daughter was about to get it to boot up, which is good, but I've been scared to try and load any game. Even my Nancy Drew games are giving me issues. Saying there are errors and can't read the disk. Mind you, they are installed on my computer and don't need a disk to play. *sigh* I really hope this is not the end of my harddrive, or that I have some nasty virus that has been lying dormant for months, and just now showing itself. I am not computer savvy and have no idea how to fix these issues.

Hopefully once I get things all worked out and can actually get some updates done and posted. Believe me, I'm like two to three years ahead in game place. This really sucks. :(


  1. You could always create a backup of your game data now (if you haven't done so already), and of course you do not need to load the game for that.
    I do it regularly, because it would be a shame to lose New Maximiliania (my special Sims2-Neighbourhood where all Maxis-made Sims have found a home) after I have been playing it since 2008.
    Once you have a backup, have someone check your HDD properly. There are also little programs such as CrystalDisc who help with that.
    HDDs do have a tendency to "die" after some years of use, and yours may just now have reached the end of its natural life.
    Mine did that last in October 2012. It was actually a good feeling to get a brand new HDD in, and fill it with my backups :-)

  2. That is what I'm worried about, it dying. LOL I don't want it to die. Then I'll have to buy a new Windows. LOL I'm going to try and back things up, upload them to my Mediashare account and go from there. Hopefully my harddrive isn't dying, but I have a feeling that it is. *sigh*

  3. It shouldn't be necessary for you to buy a new operating system only because your HDD has to be changed. The license key you bought originally should still be valid.

  4. No advice for you, GB, but I hope you can get everything sorted out soon enough!


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