Monday, September 30, 2013

Lemon in Your Eye

April, Spring 2017, Peng T'ang is 41, Le-Fen is 39, and Ruiling and Roulang are 12. Last update.

Narrated by Ruiling

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Sunday is the day we all get together as a family and clean the house.

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Well everyone except for Roulang. She's to busy on the phone with Dallas Johnson. Ever since we started high school you could say she's been a bit boy crazy, only crazy for one boy. Who just happens to be Dallas. But mom and dad would never let anything happen between them yet. The both of us are to young to date yet.

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It's okay at lest for me. All the boys at school, at least close to my age are still immature. Plus, I have my studies to focus on, and our cat.

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And mom. We are the best of friends. And right now I can't picture me losing time with her for some guy.

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But not my sister. She's practically throwing herself at Dallas. He's a little older than us, just by a grade. But he too is worried about their age difference. Plus I think he likes someone else.

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And it makes me so upset to see her acting in this fashion. I mean, only a few months ago she was still playing with her Barbie dolls, and now she's really to play with boys.

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My little out burst embarrassed her I think. Good! Maybe she'll start thinking with her head once again instead of her hormones.

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Even though we're older now mom and dad still makes us do family night. Much to Roulang's displeasure.

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But once we get out and start having fun her displeasure is gone.

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We had a ball, and it was nice being with my sister like old times.

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But reality is once again back into our lives. And Roulang is over the moon that she and Dallas have finally kissed. I know it was my sister's first kiss, but I think it might have been Dallas' too.

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I wish it had lasted longer though, then mom would have caught the two of them. Instead her car pool dropped her off only minutes after. She was not pleased to see a boy at the house without parental super vision.

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She reminded Roulang about the no dating rule. She laughed agreeing with mom, telling her that they are just friends and nothing more.

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I think it's just wrong and I hope it doesn't blow up in her face in the end. I share my concerns with Anan. She knows what my sister is going through. After her older sister got pregnant in college her parents treat her as if she's a toddler. I don't think my sister is any where close to get knocked up, but I just want her to be careful period. Boys take you away from your studies.

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And make you disobey your parents by sneaking off to be with them.

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But I can't worry about my sister. We may be twins but we are nothing alike. If I want a full ride to university I need to focus on my grades and stop focusing on Roulang.


Roulang is crazy for Dallas. He as not interested in her at all, but I guess she wore him down. They are dating behind her parents back. 

Ruiling on the other hand isn't too worried about boys. She wants to have her first kiss and fall in love, but she is also focused on her future and getting into university.

They are so different from each other sometimes I forget that they are twins.

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  1. Wow, they are very different, not only to be twins but to be siblings. However that's how families are most times :)

  2. Aw, these two are fun to watch as teens! Ruiling sounds like she has a good head on her shoulders; Roulang, maybe not so much! Hopefully she doesn't let Dallas distract her too much from her studies, or destroy the trust between her and her parents.

  3. It's cool that they have such different personalities... it would be interesting to hear the story from Roulang's point of view, and see how she sees Ruiling.


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