Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Play Date

March, Spring, 2017, Bret Patrelli and Ariel Burrego are 28, Alex is 7, and Fae is 2. Last update.

Narrated Ariel

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Ever since our engagement my mind has been on the wedding. After buying this house, and the basic necessities of life we haven't had much money to play with. So planning the dream wedding that I so desperately want is out of the question.
The thought of it does make me sad though. But do I really need one of those fairy tail weddings that you were force feed while growing up to make me happy? The answer is no. Just marrying the man that I love is enough for me.

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But Bret told me he would be picking up some over time at work to help save for our pending wedding. The news made me extremely happy. We need the money, and in all honesty I'm not planning on using all that extra cash on the wedding. I'm putting it away for later, a possible new car. Something that Bret has been wanting since before graduating college.

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Once the kids are woke I have to push all thoughts of weddings, dresses, foods, and the like out the window. Fae is still at the age where she likes to get into nasty places and needs constant super vision. I really don't remember Alex behaving like this at that age. They may be siblings, but they are nothing alike. But Bell and I are twins, as we are nothing alike as well.

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I enjoy having a daughter though. Someone I can dress up in pink - not too much of it though - and do girly things with. I can't wait until she's older. I envision us spending a lazy Saturday at the mall shopping for pretty girly things. Something that I can't do with Alex. And Bret hates it when I drag him to the mall to shop, even if the clothing is for him.

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Alex is really starting to branch out. Or at least branch out with his uncle Cicero. They pretty much spend every day with each other. If they aren't here at the house, they are at my parents. Neither can wait for the weather to heat up. All winter they have been talking about the pool and swimming.

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But Alex always makes time for his little sister. And she adores him for that. And I adore him as well. I can see it now as they get older, he'll be the over protective big brother. I wonder how that will work out once Fae starts catching the eyes of young guys. But we are so far away from that I don't even want to entertain the thought yet.

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The weekends are my time to focus more on the wedding. Bell is so over it though. She's sick of helping me locate the dress. She and Brad haven't even settled on a date yet. I think she forgets that my date is quickly approaching  and I don't have the luxury of dragging my feet.

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Eva is normally the one to remind my sister of that fact. But between the three of us she's always seemed to be the most level headed one. And for that I'm thankful.

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I try on a few dresses, but those price tags quickly put me off. I love the feel of the gowns but I just can't imagine spending so much on a garment that will only be worn once. Eva reminds me that it will possibly be passed down to my daughter on her wedding day. But who's to say that she'd want to wear her mother's dress.

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It's just Bell and me at lunch, Eva being called in to the hospital. It's strange for two people who began life cramped and sharing the same womb we sometimes have nothing to talk about.

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We normally settle on a neutral topic like my kids, or her job. But sometimes I want to ask her why is she so lackadaisical regarding her engagement. Why not set a date? Does she not want to marry Brad? But I bite my tongue. Right now I really don't care. I just want to focus on my important day without any major distractions.

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When I finally get home Alex is sitting on the porch complaining about having to eat cold pizza. He was just upset that my late lunch turned into a early dinner, which ending with Bell and I catching a movie.

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Yes, I can't wait until I am officially Mrs. Bret Patrelli. Our Big Day can't come fast enough!


You must forgive me. I've been down for so long that I can't remember if Bell and Brad set a date. I'm almost 100% that they hadn't. 

Bret and Ariel's wedding isn't until next Spring, 2018, but Ariel is trying to get everything done and nailed down, and on a budget. They are close to broke. I remember watching an episode of House Hunters, where one woman mentioned that she didn't want to be house poor (i.e. owning your own home but broke 'cause of the mortgage). Well that's pretty much how these guys are right now. So having a huge lavish wedding that Ariel wants is out of the question.

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  1. Before I rebuilt my hood (and lost of the financial info, seeing I hadn't noted most of it down), I had a few sim families who could be described as "house poor"! I feel for Ariel and Bret there, as it's definitely a tough spot to be in. Especially when you have expensive things coming up, like a wedding and a new car. I'm sure they'll be able to rustle up something to make their big day a little bit special though.

    1. Bret taking on over time hopefully will help! If all else fails they have family to possibly chip in.

      Thanks for taking the time to read and comment!

  2. I actually enjoy playing a Sim household more when they are not too rich; most of my Sims have way too much money by now (after playing 5 years in the same 'hood, what with so many of them working full-time and inheriting money left, right and centre from friends and relatives who have passed away). I constantly try to think of ways of getting rid of some of the money without using hacks or cheats.

    1. I try not to let my sims get to rich, but it does happen at times. But I enjoy playing poor sims as well. Makes you have to get creative on getting them to make money.

      Thanks for taking the time to read and comment!

  3. I like playing poor sims. I can't wait for the wedding. Has she thought about wearing a family gown? It would be free and save them some money. I remember seeing a very cute backyard wedding and the bride wore a white dress from target. Very cute.

    1. She entertained the idea of wearing her mom's but that just not Ariel. LOL Things are shaping up pretty well hopefully everything will be in place in time for the wedding!

      Thanks for taking the time to read and comment!


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