Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Ripple Effect

December, Winter 2017, Justin Kim is 36, Ginger Newston is 19, Kira is 11, and Misha is 8, and Desteni is 1. Last update.

Narrated by Kira

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They thought I was too young to understand just what was going on. So no one ever thought of how their actions would fall on me. But they have and I hate them because of it!

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The one I hate the most is Desteni. I know she's a baby, but when I look at her I can't help it. I think of how it's all her fault. If she never existed then my dad never would have lost his job. No one would have known that he put a baby in Ginger.

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And to make it even worse. Dad and Ginger are going to have another baby. Really? Because of her we had to move. Because o her Dad lost his job. Because of her Dad can't find a new job. Because of her we barely have enough to eat. And now she's having another baby! I just want to cry. But I refuse to cry.

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She is the only one working. Like being a waitress is even a job. It's something teenagers do when they live at home with their parents, not when they have a ton of kids to feed. I watch enough T.V. to know that.

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But Dad thinks it awesome news to be having another baby. He shows so much attention to Desteni that it makes me sick. I really, really, really wish Mom was still here. If she was then non of this would have ever happened.

We would have been a real family, living in our house and Dad still taking care of us. And most importantly, no Ginger! But Mom died. She left me and Misha here, alone, with a dad who was sad for a long time. He isn't sad anymore. But his sadness left him and entered me.

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I don't know if anyone even knows that I'm sad. Not sure if they would even care with all the happiness going around from a new baby coming.

So I stay away from that stinky cramped trailer as much as I can. It's so small in there I prefer the outside over it, even when it's raining or cold outside.

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But I'm a kid, so I can't stay gone for ever... though I wish I could. Plus, what who would Misha have to take her trick or treating? Dad can't because he has to stay near the house, and we like going all over Riverdale to get the best candies.

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And I have to be there for family gatherings. We hosted Founders Day this year. It sucked because it's so tiny in the crap hole that we call home. And I really wished we could have gone to Grandpa and Grandma's, I'm sure the police or who ever watches over Dad could have made an acceptation. But I don't think anyone bothered to ask.

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Grandpa did share some good news though. After Dad told him about the new demon child, Grandpa pulled some strings at work and got Dad a job!

Of course he won't be teaching, more like janitorial work at the Army base. but it's better than nothing, and I'm hoping we will get some money and be able to move!

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Dad was super excited about having a job again.

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As much as I love my Grandpa, the only person in the family who I get along with is Grandma. And we aren't that close either.

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I use to be super close with Uncle Viggo. But ever since he and Cameron broke up all he's worried about is eating. I would never say it to his face, but he's starting to get fat!

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I know it's wrong of me, but I can't help it. When I look at Ginger I just wish she would drop dead! Just fall right over and die. And she could take that spawn inside of her with her. I wonder sometimes why couldn't she have died before she had Desteni? It would have made so much easier for us.

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I envy other kids. They have a normal family. A mom and a dad, maybe a sibling or two. They have nice houses that smell like cookies and pie. Their lives aren't messed up.

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My siblings I hate. Well, I don't hate Misha most of the time. But when she's playing with Desteni it makes me mad. How can she love her and play with her? Everything is all her fault!

When I grow up I'm never making the same mistakes that my Dad has. And I'm never going to be the kind of girl that Ginger is. I just want a normal life again.


So I tried something new, a child's point of view. I figured Kira was old enough to understand the majority of what was going on once Ginger started showing and everything that happened after. I see her as being bitter, and Ginger and Desteni being the blight to her life. Everything that has happened is their fault.

And yes, Ginger went and got knocked up. Not while I was playing them though, I was playing another family when I got the pop up message. I have no idea how they are going to swing this since they live in a tiny trailer home.

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  1. Poor Kira. She's a pretty angry little kid but one can hardly blame her - she's got a lot on her shoulders. Her dad really has been pretty irresponsible (to say the least!) in the past few years. Kira probably needs to ease up on Desteni, who really isn't any more to blame than Kira herself. But still, at that age, I can understand. Hopefully Justin can start to put things right a little more now that he has a job again.

    1. I could have sworn I read and replied to your comment. Seriously, it must have been a dream. LOL

      Kira has a lot on her shoulders for being so young. First she lost her mom, and there was a huge gap there that hasn't been filled, and then her dad went and got involved with a student. It took the world that she knew and turned it upside down. I think as she gets older, she'll know that Desteni is an innocent in this as well. Just right now she's angry and needs others to blame. Hopefully things will start to look up for the whole family now that Justin has a job again!

  2. Poor Kira. I can understand how she's angry with everyone right now. I hope things will get better now that Justin has a job again, and hopefully Kira will stop blaming Desteni for things that aren't her fault. But it is a really tough situation that Kira has been through lately and I can see why she's so angry and sad!

    1. So true. But she's also young still and learning and growing. I feel things will start to even out for her and the rest of the family. It's funny because Kira is so angry and Misha is the opposite. She's happy with life in general, but I also think it's because she is still younger than her sister. Time is a healer, I firmly believe that! :)

  3. Aww poor Uncle Viggo... he must be having a hard time if he's using food for his comfort, and even Kira thinks he's getting fat! I do feel bad for Kira, I can see why she'd be angry and upset. I hope that things start to turn around now that her Dad found work, and that she will eventually like her sister and the new baby. It really isn't their fault, they're just victims of circumstance.

    1. I hope I got some more pics of Viggo, because he really has packed on the pounds. All on his own too! Kira is strong, or at least that's how she seems to me. She's retreated into a shell but I'm hoping with time she'll emerge better and more forgiving towards her family and build a relationship with Ginger.


    Beautiful blog, I love the photos and brilliant writing.


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