Saturday, January 31, 2015

Tip Toe to Adulthood

November, Fall 2017, Bell Burrego and Brad Patrelli are both 29. Last update.

 photo Screenshot-169_zpsb7eebd0f.jpg

When she arrived home her mind was still someplace else. It had been on her lunch break that Bell pulled up her calendar app on her smart phone. She took note of the day. It had been like two months! Two months since they had decided.

 photo Screenshot-171_zpsfd350b95.jpg

So she changed out of her work clothes and wait for Brad to come home. She met him with a huge smile and a hug.

"Guess what?" She said with enthusiasm!

He hadn't a clue, so he shrugged waiting for her to enlighten him.

"It's vacation time!" She squealed.

 photo Screenshot-174_zps543e5904.jpg

They arrived to their tropical destination a bit later than they had expected. The flight was delayed on the tarmac for an hour.

But once they checked into their bungalow the stress of the flight vanished. Brad was beat, he just wanted to kick back and sleep the whole time that they were there.

 photo Screenshot-175_zps22a77a36.jpg

Bell on the other hand was having non of that. The view from their window was stunning, opening up on the lush land before them. There was no way in the world that she was spending her time locked away with some much to "do" out there.

And she wasn't going to let her man stay shut away either.

 photo Screenshot-178_zpsb4e1600b.jpg

They started out with the typical touristy thing to do - drinks! The bartender was very friendly, suggesting which sites to take in, and what places to avoid.

 photo Screenshot-179_zps4170daaf.jpg

Too bad her drink making skills were as advanced as her knowledge of her home town. Bell just couldn't get past the sour spoiled taste of her drink.

 photo Screenshot-181_zpsb141d82d.jpg

Bell must have been sending off looks because the bartender got the message.

 photo Screenshot-183_zps442b24bc.jpg

The new drink was just what Bell has expected the first time around. Now her vacation was back on schedule.

 photo Screenshot-185_zps4c7a120b.jpg

They soaked in the hot tub.

 photo Screenshot-186_zpsf851eaf4.jpg

And made out as well.

 photo Screenshot-187_zpscc92865a.jpg

Soaked up some rays along the sandy coast.

 photo Screenshot-189_zpsdecb3c06.jpg

And even engaged in some horse play with random locals.

 photo Screenshot-190_zpscc6f6ba0.jpg

With some prompting and pushing Bell was able to talk Brad into doing something that he thought he'd never do!

 photo Screenshot-192_zpsc1e66ccf.jpg
Snorkeling. But what vacation was complete if you didn't snorkel?

 photo Screenshot-194_zps650fc9d8.jpg

The island was giving off the expected results for a wonderful vacation. But what Brad had suggested for making their time here even more memorable was very unexpected for Bell. But she agreed with him wholeheartedly.

 photo Screenshot-201_zps2d58ae59.jpg

And so, the next day, standing before total strangers and not their family, they exchanged vows on the beach. It wasn't what Bell had envisioned for her wedding, yet some how, it was exactly what she had wanted.

 photo Screenshot-203_zpsfefd97ed.jpg

After the wedding the newly married couple went scuba diving. It was the only logical choice after snorkeling. After touching the surface it was only natural to want to explore the wrold beneath the waves.

 photo Screenshot-206_zpsce41b9d9.jpg

It was so beautiful under the water, Bell didn't want to leave.

 photo Screenshot-214_zpsffd36791.jpg

Their time in a tropical paradise seemed to come to an end to soon. But they would love to return some day.

 photo Screenshot-216_zps17b218bf.jpg

Once back home Brad decides to invest in a sea water aquarium, and his first addition to it is a octopus.

 photo Screenshot-220_zps86d516a8.jpg

They invite their parents over and share the good news of their elopement. Everyone takes it well, giving congratulations and well wishes.

 photo Screenshot-223_zps05663f7c.jpg

Jodi does share with her daughter that she wished they had waited, so that everyone was there, sharing in their union. But Bell didn't want to take away her sister's limelight. Her wedding was quickly approaching, and she wanted all the attention to be on Ariel.

Eloping wasn't planed, but it has started Bell and Brad down their new road in life as a married couple, and they couldn't be more happy!


I sent them on vacation to Isla Paradiso. But I forgot to edit the world a bit, so they didn't do too much, but I didn't want them to. It was a relaxing vacation, not an adventure one. So they didn't jet ski or even boat, they mainly stayed on the beach or in their room.

Getting them married was not the game plan, but they rolled the want on their second day there, so I let them do it.

Upon returning home the TFB and now Bell is expecting. It's still too early for her to know, but I'm excited and can't wait for their baby! Baby Patrelli is due August 2018.

Thanks for taking the time to read and comment!


  1. Eeee, so exciting. Love the elopement and can't wait to see the baby!

    1. Star, how do the guys look to you? I was a bit nervous about recreating them. I think they came out looking nice. LOL I can't wait for the baby either!!!! So excited, but now they need to look for a new place. They only have a one bed room, and I love those views from their windows. :(

    2. They look great, I think Jodi looks spot on! I see so much of the family resemblance in her, I see a bit of her sister Jolie, and some of her niece Myra. Recreating TS2 sims in TS3 can be time consuming, I recreated S'Ahmisa and it took days, but it was fairly accurate of her ts2 self. I can't imagine doing a whole hood, but then again, I've only dabbled in ts3 so far doing it legacy style. I have no idea how I could do it the way I play ts2, so it's interesting reading about Riverdale now and seeing how you're handling it all.

      I forgot, are you doing rotations or are you just focusing on those families with active stories?

    3. Yes, it is very time consuming. I still don't have all of my families, I think there are about five or six families i still need to recreate. It makes me want to pull out my hair sometimes because a few sims, like Cameron, just refused to come out how I wanted them to no matter how hard I tried. *sigh* Oh well, I'm not mad, at least I can still play them. LOL

      Yes, I'm playing rotational style just like in my Sims 2 game. I find that I have to become a better note taker this time around, because I've already forgotten a few things that happened in certain houses. LOL And they are coming back to bite me in the butt! As it stands right now, thought I'm playing each house when I feel like it - I'm not sticking to a schedule like I did in the past - I may not update everyone. But I think they will make it into the blog due to family relations or via friendships etc.

  2. Brad! You can sleep at home, dude! Good to see Bell dragging him out of bed! And yay, they got married - that's worth getting out of bed for, lol. ;) And whee, a baby! Will this be your first baby with your Riverdale sims in TS3?

    1. Carla, he actually just wanted to stay in bed. LOL Every time I turned my back to focus on something else in game he was headed back to their room to watch T.V. LOL He's like an old man trapped inside a young man's body. I had to look back over my notes, actually I've had a few before Brad and Bell.

      I'm going to have to figure out how to do pregnancy updates.

  3. Their vacation looked amazing, loved the scuba diving pictures, and yay for an elopement! Beautiful backdrop for these two, and super exciting that they are expecting! So funny that Brad only wanted to sleep, apparently he really needed to catch up with some quality pillow time. I'd be dragging him out too if I were Bell, looks like they both got to do things they wanted though.


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  5. Eeee, so exciting. Love the elopement and can't wait to see the baby!



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