Monday, January 12, 2015

Livin' La Vida Loca?

August, Summer 2017, Richard Smith is 25, and Kendal Mandoza is 24. Last update.

narrated by Kendal

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Richard is the biggest support in my dream of becoming a top stylist. But sometimes I think he can be too supportive, but it only shows just how much he really loves me.

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I appreciate it though. I gave up so much moving here to be with him, my family, friends, a really good intern position at a local fashion house. I'm not complaining, I love this man with all of my heart.

Sometimes I think he feels the weight of my decision and he over compensates to let me know he understands and he loves me all the more for it.

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I've been extra nervous of late though. Not because our relationship is on the rocks or anything, it's just that we are hosting Richard's parents for dinner later tonight. I didn't tell him but his mom stopped in at work to see me sooner.

I was super nervous. I think I shook her hand so vigorously that I almost knocked her arm out of socket.

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And I think I over did it on the introductions too.

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It got kind of awkward real quick, and I started to think maybe Richard's mom wondered just what he saw in me. I know from what he's told me about his parents that Tazikati can be a bit picky when it comes to her children and the people the date.

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She quickly brushed aside any negative thought I may have had by assuring me that she couldn't wait to see us later that night, and she was sure we would have much in common.

I really hope we do! She seems like such a likeable woman.

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Our meeting still didn't help with my worrying. I nibbled at my lip on the ride home. Richard just chuckling at me. I know it was nerves but I couldn't help but wonder if Tazikati stopped by to size me up. To see if she really like me or if she would need to make excuses for not coming to dinner?

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By the time everyone arrived my suspicions had since left. Surprisingly we did have a lot in common and much to talk about. I was an Army brat growing up and my dad was stationed in Japan for three years when I was little, so I picked up a little Japanese. Tazikati was pleased and we carried on a conversation for a little while. I was actually surprised that I remembered so much!

she gushed and joked that she would finally get some grandkids who spoke her mother language. Richard's sister, Cameron, gave a mock laugh and reminded her mother that she had no problem with her teaching her son Japanese.

Richard quickly interjected before their conversation could derail into an argument. From what Ive' been to their mother and daughter relationship is very strained.

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It would have been really great if I could have prepared some Japanese dish. But with such long hours at work I hardly had time to throw together the chicken salad I served. I apologized way too many times. Everyone said it wasn't a problem and they enjoyed it, but still. I feel like I really let everyone down.

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After everyone had gone and we washed up the dishes, Richard pulled me in for a hug, whispering into my ear that I had nothing to worry about. Everyone loved me! I laughed, I wouldn't say it was love, but it was a step in the right directions.

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Nothing prepared me for what he did next. He so casually slipped the ring onto my finger and asked if I would marry him? A lump formed in my throat. I mean, I love this man, and I knew we'd marry someday, but I never imagined he's asks me so soon.

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I'm very glad that I met the parents now. It would have been super awkward being introduced as his fiance and no one not even knowing about me until that moment. But I'm excited and hope to be planning our wedding soon!


So these guys were actually the last couple I played before my old computer died on me. And I wanted to recreate the whole family meeting but I couldn't because of them being new versions of their former selves, and well, I could control all my sims with the "selector". But this time around things with way better, and Tazikati and Cameron didn't fight the whole time. In my old game Cameron ended up storming out. LOL

But these two rolled the want to get married, and in this new installment they rolled the want again. Regardless, I was going to have them marry anyway. I just love them. So here's to hoping they wed soon. I haven't set a date but I'm leaning towards next winter, 2018.

Thanks for read!


  1. Aw! Well, I'm glad the second meeting went better than the first, lol! I'm looking forward to seeing Kendal and Richard tie the knot - I'm sure it'll be a lovely wedding!

    1. Tazikati doesn't like that many people, or at least the women that Richard has dated in the past, so I'm glad she likes Kendal. I'm excited about their wedding but I have the worst time with them in Sims 3, so we'll see how it turns out!

  2. Kendal and Richard are super adorable! I'm excited for the wedding! Super nice that the parental meeting went so well the second time through. Nice shot of the car and bridge!

    1. Liam seems to get along with everyone, he's just that type of guy, but Tazikati doesn't warm up to just anyone. I'm super thrilled that she likes Kendal. The pic of the bridge is one of my favorite scenic views in the city. I actually have another version as my desktop wallpaper. I can't wait for the wedding either, just hope I can get everything to go smoothly.


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