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Family Fun and Spaceships

September, Fall 2017, Clay Johnson is 44, Trisha is 45, Dallas and Breda are are both 14, and Deanna is 4. Last update.

Narrated by Trisha

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School is officially back in session for the new year. The twins are in high school starting ninth grade, and Deanna has started PK. It's been giving a few hours of free time, and I also believe nights filled with wild dreams.

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I share with everyone how I keep having this reoccurring dream where I'm outside in a rainstorm looking up at the sky.

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And there's this beautiful shimmery light falling from the sky. It's as if I'm in a trance and can't tear my eyes away from the display.

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Next thing I know, I'm weightless, floating, being pulled up inside the light. Then everything goes dark.

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Once my vision returns I'm no longer inside the light, but back outside on our front, lawn where it all began.

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Everyone is silent, even Breda, who I had expected some snarky comment. But leave it to Clay to break the silence. He giggles and I roll my eyes. Really, what grown ma giggles? And I have to hold back my own giggle at my question.

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"Maybe it wasn't a dream. Maybe you were abducted by little grey men!" His comment comes out more like a statement than a suggestion.

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That it makes me choke on some of my breakfast. I smirk and roll my eyes, he smirks back. Breda mumbles under her breath saying that aliens don't exist, and I watch way too many supernatural shows. Ah, to be fourteen again thinking that I knew everything about life!

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Since it's Saturday, and only one of the two full days I get with the kids until winter break, I make plans for the day. I tell Breda first. That we are going to have some fun at the fair and then grab a bite to eat.

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I can tell she doesn't like the idea, and that she would rather spend time with Amanda. But tough cookies! She's going to hang with us if she likes it or not.

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Deanna doesn't help matter either. Since she hardly ever gets positive attention from her big sister, whom she adores, she acts out negatively towards her. She knows by tormenting Breda she will at least get some attention from her, even if it's the older one yelling at her to leave her alone.

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Dallas isn't to keen to the idea of spending quality time with us without his girlfriend, Roulang. Though according to them, they are just "friends" since her parents think they are too young to date. So I just turn a blind eye to the little pecks the steal here and there. Though I'm sure if her parents found out what they did - as innocent as it is - they would flip!

Sadly for Dallas, this is a family affair and Clay tells both kids that next time Roulang is welcome to come.

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The first thing I had wanted to do was a family bobbing for apples contest, but only Breda and Dallas were around. It really ruffled my fathers. I mean, I had everything planned out and Clay and Deanna run off soon as we got out of the car.

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I never got all of us together since Dallas and Breda refused to play again. The bright side? We all got to bob for apples. So it's a win in my book!

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We drop downtown to a family center for dinner. Nothing fancy since it's a family themed place, just some pepperoni pizza. We all seemed to have had a good time all day. And it was nice for me to spend some more time with my kids. Sooner rather than later the twins will be heading off to college and it will just be me, Clay, and Deanna. So call me selfish, but I want all the time that I can spend with them now.

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I just wish Breda was more inclusive of us. At this age I guess she likes being to herself and her friends. I don't remember being like this as a teenager. Maybe I'll need to call mom and ask her. I just hope she grows out of it soon.I want to enjoy our time together.


So not much happened in their house this time around. Clay is addicted to the ice cream machine, I mean, this guys eats it 24/7. He will wake up out of his sleep in the middle of the night to make ice cream. Soon as he comes home from work, ice cream. When Tina is making breakfast, ice cream. I think you get the picture. But he must workout when I'm not looking because he has yet to gain a single pound!

Breda was really moody the whole time, without waking up with a "mood swing". I guess it's just growing pains. She and her mom were never BFFs but Trisha wants them to be closer than they were before.

Dallas and Ruolang aren't allowed to officially date yet. So they spend a lot of time at his house where they can get away with making out.

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  1. Aw, Breda's just going through a phase, I'm sure! Hopefully, she and Trisha will be closer once she's out of those volatile teen years. It's never too late. :)

    I wouldn't want to be Roulang when her parents find out about her and Dallas! But I do want to see what happens when they do, lol.

    1. Breda was just moody this round. But Deanna played a huge part in that. She annoyed her sister ever second she got. LOL I'd have to be Roulang too! LOL

      Thanks for reading!

  2. I'm sure it's hard that Breda is into doing her own thing right now, but she'll come around again I'm sure. I hope they can be closer than they were in the past, and that she joins in on the family fun next time. I really like the bobbing for apples, looks like they had a good amount of family fun. That's pretty great with the ice cream machine, if only there were no consequence for eating gobs of ice cream in real life. Deanna is pretty adorable, and a bit intimidating when she's tormenting Breda for some attention, I don't know how well that plan will work out for her though.

    1. Ice cream! I wish I could eat it like Clay. I'm not wishing this on my sim, but I do home he puts on some extra pounds! Just like a man to eat and not get fat! Deanna love Breda but the only way she'll give her attention is when she's annoying her. I love sending them to the festival lots and let them just have fun. It's like one of few times I let my sims have 99.9% free reign. That's because I'm a control free. LOL

      Thanks for reading!

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