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July, Summer 2017, Tina and Greyson Haggerty are both 28. Last update.

Narrated by Tina

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So we're all moved in and starting to settle in our new place. We've been exhausted, doing much of the remodel ourselves. But by being so hands on we've learned a lot, but are early to bed.

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I guess someone was super keen in seeing what we've done to the place, and on our first month anniversary of moving in we were almost burglarized. Boy am I glad Greyson talked me into getting that alarm system put in sooner rather than later. It's ironic too. A burglar picks a cop's house to steal from.

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I tell Ariel about what happened. She is adamant that we get a guard dog. I scoff at the idea, not because it's not a good one, but because she is so anti dog with the kids around. She's scared of the possibility of Fae being hurt by an overly excited pooch. 

She laughs, telling me that if they could find the right dog for their family she wouldn't hesitate to get one.  I raised my eyebrow at that. Seeing is believing. And besides, isn't that what security alarms are for?

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I did give it some more thought though, and found myself at a local pet shop. Sadly, they didn't have any dogs in at the moment. But I told her what I was looking for and left my contact information. She assured me that she would call as soon as they got some new pups in!

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I decided not to focus on any more negativity because it was the Fourth of July, time to eat some good burgers and enjoy the sun.

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We don't have a pool at home, at least not yet. But for the party we rented out the local community pool. It wasn't a private thing, we are far from having that kind of money to spend. But it was just what we needed for family and friends.

Of course my mom, mad, and sister showed up. I had to warn Sofia not to be a little terror that day. Ever since hitting puberty she's become a real brat. Honestly, I don't remember acting like her. It's like she walks around with a look of perpetually smelling sour milk. And her attitude matches.

I don't think Mom liked the way I worded my request. She's so over protective of Sofia, I guess since she is the "baby" between the two of us. They both seem to cater to her every wish. Another clue to her nastiness and sour disposition I think.

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But I don't care. There's a huge age gap between us, and sometimes I don't feel like an older sister but more like the cool younger aunt. I stand by my words and offer no apology. And at Sofia's protest of not being bratty I pull out video evidence that I was saving. Her shoulders slump and she agrees to be on her best behavior.

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I'm a bit miffed, everyone that I invited didn't show up. Brad came explaining that Bell isn't feeling to hot and can't come. And I get a text from Ariel saying the kids both are throwing up. Ugh, but at least one friend showed up.

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Mom and Greyson have a private discussion by the pool. I can't help but to wonder what it's about. I hate when she has discussions that are about me and doesn't include me. It drives me crazy.

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I try to swim closer to hear, but with all the people splashing and having a good time I can't hear a thing. I make a note to asks the hubby about the conversation later.

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Sofia seemed to receive some good news. At least for her. The frown she was sporting all day actually turned into a small smile.

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Which promptly turned into her trying to scare the swim trunks off of Greyson. I would have been ticked off, but he has learnt how to deal with her. He takes her with a grain of salt. I think one day, if we are ever able to get pregnant, he'll make an awesome dad!

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Awesome dad in training! And I know my sister only messes with him because she likes him and enjoys his attention to boot.

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I focus on having some fun as well.

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After everyone leaves to go watch fireworks or to check on loved ones. Greyson and I decide to take in the concert at the park downtown. WE arrive a bit early and get some sno cones to cool off.

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Poor Greyson, he at his icy treat too quickly and got brain freeze. We decide to head home early.

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We camp out on the front lawn, watching the sky light up with it's annual fireworks display. It's beautiful, and a wonderful way to end a pretty fun day. But I can think of other ways to end the evening as well. Hopefully tonight will be the night we conceive baby Haggerty!


I'm starting to think it's not in the cards for Tina and Greyson to have a baby. In my old game I had them try every month. I would pop in have them try for baby, and nothing. And even now, nothing. I had them try for baby four or six times. And I have my settings with NRaas SP set to allow pregnancy, and I've had a few surprise ones too, but nothing from these two. :( I want them to have a baby!

Sofia is terrible. She is like the meanest teen in the whole hood. She loves to troll the forums, pick on other teens, and she goes around scaring random sims. It's hilarious. I hope she grows out of it though.

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  1. How weird that they're not getting pregnant! Do they have the want to have a baby, out of curiosity? I kind of want to see how the TS3 versions of your sims procreate!

    1. This time around Greyson rolled the want a soon as I moved them into their house, Tina like a day or so after moving in. It's freaky how alike my S2 and S3 versions are! Sometimes I have to pause while playing because it's so surprising!

  2. Greyson is very good looking! I hope that they are expecting soon, though it's nice when there is a delay too. How funny with Sofia, that stuff makes me want to play sims 3 or incorporate it into sims 2 anyway. I like the photo of them on the lawn for the firework display, very sweet. They definitely need a baby at some point!

    1. I agree, I like this version of Greyson better. Though my daughters think I make all ungly sims *roll eyes* Maybe I should have them make one and I'll move them into Riverdale and let you guys decide! They are working on that baby so here's to hoping for the best! Sofia is evil! I looked, and she has the evil trait. LOL I have a mod that allows for more traits and the game game her the evil one. Go figure. You should work some of them into your sims, but that might cause more drama.


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