Friday, March 27, 2009

Beep, Beep, Toot, Toot

August, Summer 2009, Nathan Novak and Tosha (?) are 30

The day started off normally for Nat and I. That's my nick name for Nathan, Nat. I think it's cute. He loves it, and it's spread through the family, I have everyone calling him it now, but that's besides the point.

Like I said, Nat and I started off our morning like any other morning. We ate breakfast together then we both left for work.

But I knew something wasn't right when I returned home that evening. Nat gets home before me, and when he wasn't there to greet me I found it strange.

As I was climbing the stairs to our apartment I heard a accident call go out over my personal scanner.

There was a car accident, three were injured and two were dead. I just got this sinking feeling int he pit of my stomach. I knew Nathan was involved in this accident.

I called a cab and changed my clothes as I waited. It seemed to take forever for the cab to show up, when it finally did I almost cussed out the driver, but decided against it.

As soon as he pulled up to the small hospital and tossed my money at him and dashed inside.

I ran to the front desk to the nurse sitting there and asked her about Nathan. Well, I actually asked about the car accident during rush hour.

"Yeah, the one at the construction site," she said. I only nodded my head. She quickly told me what had happened. That the site was closing down for the day when someone forgot to secure the bulldozer, and it rolled down a slopped mini hill. In the process, hitting three cars. Nathan happened to be in one of the vehicles.

"Was Nathan one of the men killed?" I hated to ask the question, but needed to know.

"No, the doctor checked him out. He is a little banged up, and will need a month or two of rehab to help with the back injury."

"Back injury! What back injury?" I shouted.

The nurse calmed me down and, explained that the impacted bruised Nathan's back a little bit and, he will need to tone to give extra strength and support.

After getting over the shock I asked if I could see him. She pointed me towards the room he was staying in.

Can I say I have never been happier seeing him than I did at that moment. He looked so young and innocent sitting there, with his feet hanging over the side of the bed and his head hanging down.

He looked up as I entered the room and greeted me with a warm smile. It made my heart burst with joy. I had to fight back tears. I almost lost him today.

Nathan planted the sweetest kiss upon my lips, and that brought fourth my tears. To know that I almost lost his smooth, warm lips today. To know that I almost lost Nathan in one freak accident, made me shiver in fear.

He pulled away from me and gently dabbed at my tears. It felt good to feel him.

Nat had to take it easy, making sure not to over stress himself as he healed. He was sore too. Good thing the doctor prescribe so pain medication.

I listened to the television as I fixed dinner and I find it funny. I'm a police officer, I deal with accidents, kidnappings, arrests, one would think I'd be used to dealing with stuff like this. But when it hits close to home. When it happens to a loved one, it's a whole other ball game. I guess I just keep counting my lucky stars. Nathan is alive and still with me.

We sat down for dinner and the topic of money eventually came up. I told him that now that money is tight maybe we should tighten our belts on spending and the like.

But Nathan assured me not to worry about money.

He had a good bit saved up. Started saving it once he had graduated from college and before he met me. That taking off work for a month or so for rehab wouldn't hurt us at all.

And I was saving as well. So maybe we would be okay.

But I insisted that I help pay for the wedding. At least buy my own dress and the flowers.

Nathan stared at me for a moment. "I don't want you to have to pay for anything," he insisted.

"Honey, I didn't start dating you and agree to marry you so you could swoop in and save me on your white horse."

"I know you didn't," he laughed. "Okay, fine. If you want to help pay for the wedding, be my guest."

I sat back in my chair with a smirk. Nathan splashed me with his soup.

Nathan started his rehab training, and the best part, since we have equipment at home, he can workout here too.

And I went forth with planning the wedding.

Nanat, Nathan's mom called from Florida. She and her husband of one year, Mathew Smith, have been on an extended honeymoon. She wanted to know how her son was doing and if she should come home. I told her that he was fine and no, she shouldn't come home.

Once Nathan came out of the shower he returned her phone call.

In the morning before I get up for work I just lay with Nathan, listening to him breathing and his heart beating. And I'm grateful that he is safe and sound, and with me.


  1. Thank goodness Nathan wasn't killed. How heartbreaking to have your fiance die before your wedding.

  2. I know, right. I would hate if that had happened! Lucky, he's safe and sound, lost a few body points but that's all.

  3. So glad Nathan wasn't killed in that accident! I'm sure with Tosha's love and support, he'll be all back to normal soon enough. :)

  4. *sucks up to Shana* I LOVE your blog and your sims. I'm as addicted to your blog as I am to Laura's, lol. And it's so not sad! lol

    Believe me I was so happy Nathan didn't roll the die in accident ROS. But this was harder I think. Since I had to get creative with his accident, lol

  5. Oooh, I got worried there for a minute that there was gonna be a death!


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