Saturday, March 14, 2009

Death Becomes Him

Spring 2009 Simone Lewis is 27, Ryker Lewis is 30

Being pregnant wasn't nearly as fun an I had expected it to be. Once I got over the morning sickness the hunger came. And not normal hunger either. I'm constantly hungry. Morning, noon and, night hungry. I eat like two servings of food and still have room for a snack... or two... or three.

I hope I don't blow up. It's in my genes. My mom battled her weight for as long as I can remember. She finally won the battle of the bulge a few years ago, right before Brad and Bret turned into teens. But still, I can't help but worry does fate have the same enstore for me. I work out though. Not to much, yoga and basketball. I love that game. And I do my best to eat healthy, even with the snacking. Lots of salads and fruits and veggies.

Ryker was starting to feel sick again. Which sent of warning bells for me. The last time he got sick he almost died. Neither of us wanted a repeat performance of that, so he made himself a nice fresh glass of Orange juice. He told me he felt better almost instantly. I'll keep an eye on him anyway, just to make sure. I don't want to be a widow just yet, and I don't want our baby growing up without his/her daddy.

Did I mention how thrilled Ryker is about the baby? He is. If I wouldn't get in trouble I'd say he's tickled pink! lol All he does is rub my belly and talk to the baby. We'll lay across he bed at night and he'll just want. He can't wait until the baby starts to move. We have another month or two before we can feel anything.

I can't wait either. This is very exciting. I never thought I wanted kids. But everything changes when you almost lose the love of your life. We're currently looking for a new place. A one bedroom apartment with a cat is no room for a newborn. I just haven't made up my mind on were to move. I was thinking about the city, but Ryker likes it here in the burbs. We'll see.

I'm not even that big yet and I tell Ryker I feel like a mini beach ball. He only smiles and tells me that I'm glowing. It brings a tiny smile to my lips. He always knows how to make me feel better.

He tells me to tag along with him as he runs to the store. I don't want to go but walking is good for the heart!

Yeah, we go grocery shopping, and some how I end up buying everything. Not to mention I went way over the shopping list buying what ever tickled my fancy. Buying food and being pregnant does not mix.

And news travels fast. This guy comes up to Ryker to ask him about cheating death, what it was like, and did he see any lights?

Strange man.

Being around all that food made me hungry so we decided to drop by my mom's restaurant. Rkyer worked here when I was a teen and finishing up college. My mom wanted me to take over Cafe Mode, but I couldn't. No matter how disappointed she was with me cooking for a living just isn't for me. But the food here is great!

We watched as some teen almost slipped on the flooring. I'm glad that he didn't. Law suites are no fun.

Too bad no one warned the waiter. He did slip and spilt the whole tray of food all over Ryker. I couldn't help but laugh, it was funny. Mom wasn't so thrilled. She threatened to dock his pay if it happened again.
When he returned he made sure not to spill anything on me. At that point I could have cared less, I would have eaten the food off of me, lol.

"I can't believe I lost that fight!" Ryker was still fuming over some stupid fight with a neighbor.

"It's okay, babe, you'll get him next time."
"You bet I will!"
I only nodded by head in agreement. Men!

Maybe I should have gotten what he had. That chocolate cake was delicious. So was my crape, but his was yummy! I think I'll order that once I finish with this.

A nice end to a wonderful day. Tomorrow house hunting we shall go!


  1. That orange juice is a lifesaver - wouldn't want Simone to have to be a single mother!

  2. I love teh OJ, lol. I'm so glad he's no longer sick.

  3. Can't wait to see thier househunting adventures!

  4. It wasn't full of too much adventure, lol. They ended up getting a larger apartment. But they might move again.


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