Thursday, April 9, 2009

Stupid print screen!

I played for three days straight last week and almost all day yesterday. I played all of my fall families, had all these great pics, and I opened up Paint Shop to pick which ones I wanted for an update, and guess what? NOTHING was there!

Well, I can't actually blame print screen and my screen capture program, it was actually my fault. With my new keyboard you have to take off the F lock key. When it's enabled it allows me to use my F keys, I forgot to do that the last time I exited body shop, and so it disabled my print screen key, hence, making none of my screen caps take.

So now all of my fall updates won't be happening, since I can't undo what I did or my sims did. *sigh* So the next update(s) will take place in winter of 2009. I'm playing right now, so hopefully there will be an update sometime this weekend.

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