Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Moving On

December, Winter 2009, Emma King is 34, Lars is 1

I spent the whole of my pregnancy stressed out. Not only because I had no idea who the father of my unborn child was, but also because I hadn't a single maternal bone in my body.

I never thought about having children, starting a family. Yes, I wanted a husband and a house with the white picket fence, but kids? The thought never crossed my mind.

I guess since I use my body for my work, I'm a interpretive dance instructor, having children never became an issue. Even when I was with David the topic of children never popped up.

So being pregnant left me in a state of shock and denial.

But as soon as I laid eyes on Lars there was no mistake who the father was. Rupert Cotton. Which was a bit of a relief for me. I didn't have to worry about breaking up a marriage between Xander and his new wife. So some of the stress was gone.

Step two in removing stress from my life. Starting over. Which meant I had to move.

I packed everything up and headed to the city. I kissed my suburban life goodbye and got a quaint two bedroom downtown.
I did admit to myself that another reason why I moved 45 minutes from Riverdale was because of Rupert. I don't know why but I'm scared to tell him about Lars. I even avoided him the whole pregnancy, which, sadly, wasn't to hard.
I see now, though I'm in love with Rupert, he's not the guy for me. He's a ladies man, and always will be. I don't need to run around after someone like that, and my son doesn't need that kind of roll model or influence in his life as a father figure.
So I'm not even sure if I'll ever tell Rupert about his son. And besides, Lars has years before he starts to ask about his daddy.

One positive out of all of this. I enjoy being a mother! Who would have though. Lars has become my whole life. Everything I do I do it for him. To make sure I can provide him with the best childhood possible.

And my little man became a little man before my eyes. Lars' first birthday rolled upon me with such speed. It seemed as if I'd just given birth to him. And the older he gets the more he looks like his father. He even has Rupert's eyes, and his curly hair.
But I don't regret not telling him about Lars or even moving away from him. I'm happy with my new life.
And my new man, Waylon Menon. We met while I was pregnant, exchanged numbers but nothing came of it. It wasn't until I was grocery shopping that I bumped into him. We decided to hang out and the rest as they say was history.

Lars even approves of him. In truth I don't know what to think. Lars might think Waylon is his dad. But we won't know anything until he actually starts to speak.

But the most important man in my life still is Lars. I spend as much time as I can with him. Between work, and trying to juggle a social life I'd say Lars is getting the best of me. Not that I' trying to sabotage things with Waylon, but I don't want to sacrifice my relationship with my son to please a man. Like I said everything I do I do for Lars.
That's why I don't want to hurt things between Waylon and I. Plus I think, no, I know I'm falling in love with him, and he would be good for Lars. A positive father figure in his life.

So we decided to welcome in the new year the only way we truly knew how.
A bit of karaoke...

and poker. After winning a few hands I casually asked Waylon to move in with me. I was so nervous but I didn't let it show. I had my poker face on, lol.
He didn't even pause to think about it, he jumped up from the table, causing a few people to look over at us, but he didn't care. He pulled me up from my chair as well and hugged me something fierce before saying yes.
I was so thrilled. This was my first serious relationship after David, years after David. But I know I'm ready now. Ready to settle down, ready to build that family I though I never wanted. Ready to start a life with Waylon and Lars.

Returning home that night, I did what I do every night. I tip toe into Lars' room, tuck him in and give him a light kiss. Except the difference this night? I was crawling into bed with the man I loved.
Notes from GoldenBuffy: Emma rolled the ROS for you deserve better. So she had to pursue a relationship with the sim that was most attractive to her. Since her top three where married, and happily I might add, I had to pick Waylon. It was either him or I kept her swooning over Rupert. But I'm glad that I did hook her up with Waylon. When I looked in her memories I saw that they had woo hoo'd, when this happened I had no idea. Obvious it happened when I wasn't playing her, lol. So they feel in love quickly. They are not family sims, I think they are both popularity, but they roll to get engaged to each other and marry each other. So I think this was meant to be! So if either one ever pops the question, I think she will actually get the wedding ring on her finger this time and not play runaway bride, lol.


  1. Awww, she turned into a good mommy! I love when they do that when you don't expect it! And good for her, hooking up with Waylon, stay away from those married men! ;)

  2. I was worried about her for a long time there. When Lars was first born Emma wanted nothing to do with him. Once they moved to their new place it all changed. I'm so happy!

  3. I think Waylon is a MUCH better choice for Emma than Xander or Rupert. I can see them being very happy together.

    That sounds like a fun ROS - I might have to add that one in!


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