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January, Winter 2009, Trisha Johnson is 37, Clay is 36, Breda and Dallas are 6

Clay and Trisha talked about opening up a massage parlor for years now. So once the new school year started the two decided to go through with the idea. And since Trisha's sister, Tosha, was managing Steppin' Out, she could focus the majority of her attention on the new project.

So once the land was chosen (ironically right next door to her clothing store,) and the land construction was approved. Trisha was ready to break ground and start to build Serenity Day Spa. (I forgot to get an outside pic, will do so soon.)

It wasn't a massive lot or a huge building, it was quaint and cozy. With two private suites and a brunch bar, and an arcade game to keep customers occupied as they waited for their session.

Trisha wanted to add more, but since they were working with their own savings, she didn't want to spend too much money. Once Serenity started to make money then she could do additions.

Customers enjoyed the deep tissue massage and the hot stone as well. Those where the two massages offered at Serenity. They were the only two that Trisha and Clay had the chance to learn on their vacations. They would like to learn the far Eastern one as well. Maybe they will be able to travel for business and learn it. But for now they would have to be happy with the two they did know.

With his wife putting in so many hours at the massage parlor Clay found himself spending even more time with the twins. Not that he minded. He enjoyed being with them, ever since their births. He helped with a lot of their training, from potty time to walking and talking, so reading them to sleep every night was nothing major.

He did hate cooking though, and looked forward to his days at Serenity. Though he spent most of his adult life as a professional party guest, he really enjoyed being his own boss. No one to answer to, except his wife. And she was all the boss he needed. Clay was glad that they decided to do this venture together. Not only did it give him more time with his children, but he also got to do something that he enjoyed with his wife.

Breda and Dallas weren't bothered by their mom working so much. They were used to it. Even though she had opened Steppin' Out years before they were born, she worked that store everyday, putting in long hours to make it the top ranked business that it is today. And Dallas expected that his mom and maybe dad, would do the same with the day spa. He knew that his mother wouldn't rest until Serenity was the top spa in their area.

But he was still a kid, and he wanted all the time that he could get with his mom. Breda on the other hand could care less. She loved her mom but she was closer to their dad. So she didn't hurry in the morning to eat breakfast with their mom, she rather dance or do homework.

So it was one of those mornings with his sister working on her homework from the night before and, his mom hurrying to down her breakfast of cereal, that Dallas decided to ask about taking a vacation.

Trisha paused and asked where would he like to go, and of course like any child, he wanted to visit Disney World. Trisha smiled and said she would talk it over with Clay and let the kids know.

That even left Breda excited.

The family vacation discussion would have to wait though. It was Clay's day to work at the spa, and Trisha set to work on cleaning house. First up was the littler box. Cymmi is thinking that it's about time someone cleaned the filthy thing. She was sick of peeing outside.

And amongst all the chaos the Johnson's decided to buy their first place. City life was great, and they enjoyed living downtown, but the kids were getting bigger, and a two bedroom apartment was not the place for them. They needed room, a yard to run around in, and most importantly, separate bedrooms.

Neither Trisha or Clay would picture themselves living in suburbia, but that's where they found themselves. They looked at the few homes offered in the city, but none offered what they were looking for. Small yards, not enough bathrooms, no privacy, and that was just name a few.

So they ended up settling on a quaint four bed 2.5 bath house in Riverdale. It provided all the room that the family needed. (I actually built this house. If anyone wants it let me know. No CC all Maxis, and I have all eps and stuff packs installed.)

Clay pulled Trisha off to the side so the twins wouldn't over hear them, and he expressed how excited he was. He couldn't want until his wife conceived their third child. He was ready to teach the baby nursery rhymes and how to use the potty.

Trisha was excited herself. Though sometimes she wondered if she was biting off more than she could chew. With two businesses to run and a family to care for, would adding a third child to the mix be to much?

Clay didn't care and wanted to get back to trying as soon as the movers finished with their furniture.
It had been three months since they broke ground for Serenity, and two months since they had started trying for a baby, and one month since they moved into their new home. It was now the end of January and Trisha still hadn't conceived yet. She was nervous, and wanted to ring the subject up to Clay, but didn't know how. So instead she talked about hiring a local interior designer to spruce up their place. Clay knew something was on her mind and asked her about it.

"It's nothing really. I just think that I should pay a visit to the doctor just to make sure everything is okay with me... reproductive wise."
Clay stared at his wife for a moment. Just where did that come from? Why would she think something was wrong with her?
"What do you need to go to the doctor for? We had no problems having the twins. And so what if it's taking a little longer with this one. You're still having fun trying to make the baby? I don't see a need to consult a professional."

Trisha tilted her head to the side, examining her husband from a different angle. Yup, it was Clay alright, but the crap coming out of his mouth? Didn't sound like him at all.

She then went on to explain that she was getting older, which meant they her years of fertility were coming to an end. And each month that she didn't get pregnant just pushed them closer to not having a third child.

Clay still didn't share her point of view, stating that doctors were only there for you when you were sick. Since Trisha wasn't sick she didn't need to see a doctor.

Steaming, Trisha blurted out that maybe the reason why Clay didn't want her to go wasn't because something was wrong with her, but that something was wrong with him. Maybe his little simmers couldn't get the job done.

Shocked, he only watched as she pushed back from the table and stormed out of the dinning room. He was truly at a lost for words.

Game Notes: Sadly, these two have been trying to get pregnant for a while now. I don't understand why it's not happening. When Trisha was still using birth control they always had the "try for baby" option pop up so I took her off of the birth control. And figuring that it would happen soon, I built them a four bedroom house. But nothing yet. So we shall see. Maybe she's too stressed out with all the running around she does. Forgot to add. Trisha rolled the ROS to take up a new hobby or open a business. So they decided to open a business like they wanted.


  1. Ooooh Trisha, that wasn't a nice thing to say! I suppose he had it coming though, typical male way of thinking! ;)

  2. Ha ha, yes, typical male. But I think Trisha is under a lot of stress. They need a vacation badly.

  3. Oooh, that wouldn't have gone over well!

    Do you use InTeen in your game? If Trisha could convince Clay to go and see a doctor, they might be able to get fertility treatments to help them conceive.

  4. Yup I have inTeen in game. But I have a number of tries that they must do before they can get medical treatment for their fertility. ;)

  5. Oh, yeah, that's been happening to me too - difficulty of getting pregnant for the sims who actually want to get with child!

  6. You know in a way it's good for me. At the moment I'm being over run with sims. I currently have 100+ playable sims. Well giver or take a few because they are still babies. But I'm overrun still, lol.

  7. Wow, I have a couple like that as well-wanting a baby so badly, but nothing happening.

  8. It is a little sad when it doesn't happen and, when they want a baby so badly. But I think I feel worse when the couple doesn't have children and can't get pregnant. At least they have twins!


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