Monday, April 13, 2009

Peas of a pod?

December, Winter 2009, Peng T'ang is 34, Li-Fen is 32, Ye is 15 and, Ruling and Roulan are 5

Even though Ruling and her twin are only 5, she is set in her ways. She's always the first one up if it's the weekday or the weekend. She also can't leave her bed unmade. I think it's safe to say that little Ruling is a little super cleaner. Everything has to be just right or her little world isn't perfect.

Roulan on the other hand is the complete opposite. Well, not complete, since she likes to clean as well, but not as much as her sister. She doesn't enjoy school as much, hates homework, and rather spend her time blowing bubbles or watching the clouds pass over her head.

One could say she is a free spirit, following a beat to her own drum. She likes to take things nice and slow.

When Ruling isn't cleaning or studying (which she does a lot) she gets a kick out of tormenting her sister.

Which she hates greatly. She swats at her to leave her alone.

But Ruling will not give up. Roulan calls for their father who only tells her to "handle it,". Causing the girl to roll her eyes. How is she supposed to handle it when her sister refuses to leave her alone?

By turning the tables on Ruling!

"Grrr! Arg!"

Ruling clutched her chest. "You nearly gave me a heart attack!"

"Good!" Roulan cackled, "Maybe next time you'll leave me alone!."

But the twins do get along most of the time and enjoy eating breakfast with their older brother Ye.

But Ye has other things on his mind than his little sisters and their taste in shoes. He's in love, with his best friend. And to make it worse, she doesn't even know it. (Sorry about him being blue. He froze in the snow and his skin didn't return to normal, and I can't fix it.)

So he calls her up and invites her to Slippy's Ice rink to do a bit of skating.

He decides to start without her, and it turns out not to be such a bright idea. His poor bum. He'll be feeling that come morning.

Trying to save himself from more embarrassment her exits the rink and spots the object of his affection. Cameron Smith. He loves her so much. He wishes he could take her in his arms and kiss her. But that would be bad. She doesn't even know how he truly feels about her.
He's though about telling her, but with the recent death of her sister he doesn't think it's the best of ideas.
So instead he enjoys her company at his house having snowball fights in the cold, and playing video games in the hot summer.
But he wouldn't trade it for the world. As long as Cameron was willing to be around him, Ye was the happiest teen on the planet.
And Ye will come up with any excuse just to touch Cameron.
It doesn't get any easier watching her leave at night to return home. Oh, how he wishes he could confess his love.
He does how ever tell Roulan how much he loves a girl with chestnut colored hair, and beautiful almond eyes. And the deepest chocolate eyes one could drown in.
"Why can't you just tell her how you feel?" she asks. This whole not sharing of feelings is something unfamiliar to Roulan. But she was still in the phase that boys gave you cooties.

"If you tell her that you love her you can have babies!" Roulan blurts out excitedly.

The mention of love and babies catches Ye off guard and he he tries quickly to explain to his little sister that though he is in love with a girl, that doesn't mean they will have babies.

He starts to blush at the thought. Yes, he loves Cameron, but the thought never crossed his mind about really being with her. He's way to young to be thinking about that. And though his sister is only 5, and just exploring where babies come from. He needs to have a talk with his dad about Roulan watching Discovery channel alone.


  1. Haha, Roulan is a funny one! I like the contrast between her and Ruling as well.

  2. Oh, Ye and Cameron are cute together! And he loves her silently, so sweet!

  3. Carla, I LOVE Rulan. I can't wait to watch her grow up.

    Sims2fan, poor Ye. I hope e works up the nerves to tell Cameron how he feels. I think they would have beautiful babies together.


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