Tuesday, April 27, 2010

New school on track

Kristin Sanchez
Education Advisor

The new junior/senior high school is right on the projected track for it's completion. It was public knowledge that the building, though a newer construction in Riverdale, was starting to fall apart. Walls were starting to suffer from mold, the student body has out grown the cafeteria, and worst yet, the basement portion of the building had flooded.
So the Hood Council deiced it would be best to bulldoze the whole thing and build anew. The site for the new building is on the same land as the old one, but rezoned. We took an Eco stand on the demolishment of the old high school, and we recycled many items. Money that was saved by recycling has been put towards the construction of the new school.
If things keep going as smoothly as it has been so far, the school should be ready by the start of the new school year. The new Riverdale Junior and Senior High School will support our current enrolled population of students, and shall continue to support the future influx of students that have been projected.
Here is the model floor plan for the school:

For the most part, the Council has agreed to the design with a few modifications here and there. We hope that this new school will continue to support our growing population throughout the years to come.


  1. Can't wait to see the new school! The floor plan looks great. I just finished building a new high school in my hood, but I don't currently have any high school students to use it, lol! But Lexi and Sammy Smith will be turning twelve in another year, so it won't be too much longer before they head off to school there. :)

  2. The new school plan looks very interesting, Kristin. We have started construction on our new school, however with the increased in enrollment, I envison that we will need to build another school and seperate the students soon.

    -Johan Shazad
    Educational Director

  3. Shana, you should take us on a small tour of the school. I wanna see! Just make sure you have enough room for future generations. This is my third high school being built. LOL The whole reason for this new one, I'm using Bluewater as my hood because of all of the beach lots. Well I hadn't realized how low the terrian was and the basement of the high school is flooded. I can't use it, plus for some reason it was the highest crashing lot in my game.

    Johan, This is our third educational building to be constructed since Riverdale's repopulation. Like you, we built only for the current population. Hopefully we have learned our lesson, and this school will be big enough for a long time coming!

  4. Oh, man, you're organised - following a floor plan and everything! I stole a floor plan off the internet for my high school but I quickly abandoned it after I got the rough shape figured out.

    This school is going to look awesome when you're done!

  5. Oh, that's too cool! I can't wait to see it. Makes me want to rebuild my school even though I don't have to now, lol!

  6. Carla, I am not that organized. LOL But I normally find a floor plan that I like and I base my building off of them. The Bidwell Traning Center is also based off a a plan that I found online. I'm pretty pleased with how things are coming so far.

    Laura, you know me, I love your schools. I think we have one that is the same, but you've made your's look so much different, I was actually surprised to find out that we were using the same one!

  7. This is going to be amazing...two of my hoods still need a school

  8. I'm so pleased with the work you're doing, Kristin.

    I think this school is going to be everything you need and more. I can't wait to see it when it's completed.

    Emerita Valdes
    Superintendent, Board of Education
    Simmington Hills


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