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April, Spring 2013, Robert  and Cynthia Kim are both 59, Viggo is 14.5. Late updated. (Cameron Smith is 15.5)

It's a typical spring weekend, two friends spending the day together tossing a football around the front lawn. Viggo and Edward played football a lot, well, when they aren't playing soccer or basket ball. They also discussed their girlfriends, and how Edward still can get Brooke into bed yet.

He won't admit it, okay, he does admit it, as often as he can too. That he's way jealous of Viggo. He's been dating Brooke much longer than Viggo has been dating Cameron, and all he can get from the girl is a hand job, and if he really begs a blow job.


Viggo thinks about their conversation as he gives himself a once over in the mirror. Finally growing sick of Cameron's nagging him to update his room he finally did, of course with her help.

He wasn't so sure about the things that she had picked out, but now, he's glad that she took over. She even allowed him to hang a few swim suite models up on his walls as well.


He's drawn from his thoughts by a call from Cameron. She tells him he needs to come over, they really need to talk. He wonders what's so important that he has to get over there ASAP. But he does as he's ordered. When Cameron wants you to come over her house you just go.


When he arrives she rushes him into her bedroom and closes the door. He doesn't even get his normal hello kiss. She paces the room for a few seconds before turning to him.

"Before I tell you, this is all your fault." She says.

Viggo is puzzled. What did he do this time? "What did I do?"

Cameron narrows her eyes at him before folding her arms over her chest. "It's what you didn't do. Oh, my, god, this is so not good. I'm knocked up!"

It takes a moment for the words to process through his brain, but when they do Viggo shrieks. Which causes Cameron to shriek.

"You're what? How? When?" He manages to stammer out.

She rolls her eyes. "Remember the snow ball thingy. I'm guessing then. And I guess I was in denial or something and now I know for real. God, what are we going to do?"


He looks down at her stomach, it's still flat, but he lays his hand there anyway.

"There's a kid in there?" He's in shock and disbelief.

"Yeah, dumb ass, and you put it there. What are we going to do?" She asks again.

 This time he looks up at her. "I don't know."


A week passes and the two go on as if Cameron isn't pregnant.  Which is sort of easy. They ignore it, that's what teens do. They have a tendency to place an invisible;e drape over the things that happen in life that aren't good. They can continue on with their lives - at least for now - as if nothing has happened.

Yet they are scared to death. And it's getting harder and harder for her to keep things a secret. And besides, Cynthia suspects something is up. What used to be playful and light hearted kisses between the teens now seems forced. The glances shared between the two seem strange.


"I think you need to speak with our son?" Cynthia says over breakfast.

Robert looks at her expectantly.

She sighs, not wanting to give voice to her fear. "I think Viggo and Cameron are hiding a big secret. And by secret I mean baby."


Robert almost chokes on his cereal. "A baby?"

"Yes, a baby. I mean, haven't you noticed how things have changed between the two of them lately? And a big plus. She's wearing these awfully baggy clothes. You've known the girl long enough, when have you ever seen her in anything that hides her shape."

Robert sighs then, he's wife is right. He promises to speak with his some later.


Later turns out to be the next morning after Cynitha has left for work and it's just the two alone getting ready for the day. Viggo finally comes clean to his dad. Robert's heart could just break. His son is still a baby in his eyes. And when in the hell did the boy start having sex? "You know if you two decide to keep it it's not going to be a party. Babies are a lot of work, and a lot of money."


"You're not even old enough to drive and yet you're about to become a father." Robert shakes his head.


Viggo laughs. "I can still get my license, and baby won't stop that."

Robert sighs. "I just wished that you came and talked to be about all of this before things went this far. I could have given you condoms or something."  'Or a chastity belt.' He thinks.

Viggo turns to get up. "Yeah, but what's done is done. And I'm scared to death."


WOW! Talk about a surprise for me. Here I am worried that Suni could get knocked up by Oliver during the Snow Ball, and Viggo and Cameron go and do this to me! Them getting pregnant didn't even cross my mind. They've done it so many times, all I might add, with no birth control and she never got pregnant. Never! But like they say, it only takes one time. *sigh* So I have no idea what they are going to do.

Cameron still hasn't told her parents, but she's going to have to come clean sooner than later.

Baby Smith-Kim is due September 2013.


  1. The begining with Edward made me spit out my water, whoa! They're so young-where do they get this info? I was lucky and my parents were very open with truthful info from the very begining (I was that kid in PreK that said your baby sibling didn't come from a stork, but your mommy and daddy had sex and made a baby)

    Hmmm, I guess the whole woohoo without birth control can do that to you. After all, that's what woohoo is for :P

    You have a bunch of teens/YAs that get knocked up. What hack are you using? Maybe you could alter the settings or, like Viggo's father put it, get them chasity belts :P I loved that part.

  2. My mom was not that open with me. I always went to my grammy and my best friend. LOL My best friend at the time was very sexualy active (sadly, she started when she was 10).

    I don't think their that young. Not that I'm saying all teens are like that, but growing up where we did a lot of my friends were doing things like that starting around 13. ;)

    I still didn't think they would get prgnant. LOL Darn it! No hack, I think I just have really fertile. Like take Lilly Sanchez. She's on birth control and yet she still got pregnant.

    I have ACR settings tweaked a little, but it's set to global. But I'm not going to changing the settings any more. I like the idea of them having a chance of getting pregnant. It happens in RL as well. Sadly, accidents happen.

  3. Ah, when you talked about one of your teens getting knocked up at N99 (that was months ago, I think!), I had a feeling it might be Cameron! Oh dear...they're both so young. They're still babies themselves.

    Was it risky woohoo or did they try for a baby? I can't remember if teen TFB is enabled by default.

  4. It's always so interesting to read our Simming friends' different takes on sex and age, and how young is too young...and where and how we grew up really is a huge influence.

    I am utterly freaking over the fact that Cameron is pregnant! She and Suni are my most favorite teens in your hood. I just can't help but wonder how this is going to turn out. What is Cynthia and Richard going to do?

    "You're not even old enough to drive and yet you're about to become a father." Robert shakes his head.

    When I saw the look on Robert's face when he said this...I just thought it was so realistic. Viggo has no clue how hard his life is getting ready to be.

  5. Carla, yeah that was back in December I think. But in truth I had planned to have this updated a long time ago. But with moving and then the virus, and then my video card going up. Well, you know the story. LOL

    They are so young, and I'm pissed off too! Dang it. No, it wasn't risky woohoo. They did try for baby once. A loooong while ago. Then I set the ideal family for each of them to 0, so I am truly surprised that she fell pregnant.

    Simmington, I agree. But I love reading and seeing how we all address this issue. I als believe it has a lot with how we were taught too! I know for me, I was scared to death to even think about having sex before marriage. I knew I'd go to hell. ROFL So that kept me in my place, not to mention that two of my cloest friends became pregnant when we where in the 10th grade. So didn't want that to be me.

    You're freaked! LOL What about me. I'm still not used to the idea, and game wise she'll be giving birth very soon.

    Vigo's parents are taking it pretty well, but I can't give too much away since I still have to show Cameron's parents POV.


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