Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Tax Collection 2012

So instead of sitting on this any longer I decided to update with my tax collection. This is the first time that I am doing this, and I may change my methods of collection etc. But this is what I've decided for now. Taxes will be collected every two years in Riverdale. Most likely I will divide what the City collects for Education, Medical, and City funds.

I'm not going to list all my house holds, how much is their net worth and how much they had to pay, because it will be just to long. LOL So I'm going to list my richest and poorest sims, their net worth and what they pair or recived in taxes.

Ugh, I'm horrible since I don't have my faorite places, but I'm using the tax sheet that Simmington Hills gave me. And I think it was created by Lural Crossing. I'll check once I get everything up and running again. So I only taxed the sims of Riverdale on 10% of their net worth and any personal money in their bank account. Residents also got the marital desuction of $1500, as well as $1000 per dependant. Dependants include any child attending college until completion of their four year education.

It feels good to actually post something in regards to Riverdale instead of bad news. Hopefully everything will be fixed and I'll be able to do a proper update soon!

Richest sims living in Riverdale:

Xander and Tosha Snapple: $244,507  Paid: -$33,176

Peter and Samantha Ottamas: $215,076  Paid: -$38,741

Antwan and Taffi Snowden: $186,091  Paid: -$15,109

Danny and Kristin Sanchez: $146,066  Paid: -$11,107

Thomas and Tyra Brooks: $105,695  Paid: -$7,070

Poorist sims living in Riverdale:

Justin Reed: $1,475 Paid: -$148

Nashira Sanchez: $6,955  Recived: $305

Ariel Burrego and Pret Patrelli: $4,446 Recived: $2,055

Tina Traveller and Grayson Haggerty: $6,392  Recived: $861

Brandon and Heather Reed: $8,833  Recived: $3,617

Total Taxes Collected: $166,718

Pretty small number for Riverdale's first tax collection, but I think I will change how much will be deucted, maybe I will do 20% or higher. I'm not sure yet. But I have two years left to decide. Not sure how much will be given to each department. I'll work on that later.


  1. Yeah, this is the perfect time to do taxes!

  2. I'm glad everything worked for you. To add to the taxes collected, I factor in taxes for the townies/npcs. I explain how on my blog. It's under gameplay notes. I use budgets too! I have a file that automatically distributes the tax revenue among the different departments, for the city bldgs I need to build. I figure that once most of my hood is built, I'll just tax the playables. We'll see.

    Thanks for the shout out!

  3. Ooo, that's awesome. I think I'm go over your notes again and once I get my printer up and running I'll print it all out!

    I thought about taxing the NPC's but there's just too many of them and math and I are not friends. LOL

  4. Great to see you, RD! I can't wait until you're back again in full force!

    I love Laurel Crossing's Tax Return Form. Love it! I need to re-read over the budget stuff, too. It was a little over my head last time. LOL!

  5. Ouch to Xander and Tosha! That has to hurt, although they have plenty left to cushion themselves!

    You know, none of my Sims got any money back this time, even my very poorest one. I think my previous poorest Sims all owned houses and had dependents, while Claudia doesn't have either of those things.

  6. It's good to be back, SH!!!! I know. I'm going to sit down and read it soon!

    Carla, so when you do your taxes you include the properties that your sims have and what they owe on them? And if they owe do you take the money out to pay on their house or business? This is all still new to me.

  7. I just check their net worth (as in the figure you get with the family info button from the hood screen), add any money that's in their bank account. Then I do the deductions, which are all flat fees, not percentages. Then I take 10% away from the figure I have left.


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