Sunday, April 25, 2010

What I'm Looking For

May, Spring 2013, Tina Traveller and Grayson Haggerty are both 24.


Tina was happy with being single. After college and all the drama with Richard and then with Bart. So starting life as a single and happy woman was something exciting for her. But after a while the loneliness started to get to Tina.


That's how she rediscovered Grayson Haggerty. When she says she rediscovered him it's true. They were hot n' heavy for a while in college, but she stopped things with him when Richard came to campus. But now, it's like he's that missing piece to her puzzle of happiness.


And another piece to that puzzle is her father. He's doing much better now, and she's very glad for that. But she still calls twice a day just to see how he's doing.


Tina still keeps in touch with Bell, they are neighbors after all. They try together at least twice a week, if it be working out together or just sipping a latte. But marriage has been on Tina's mind lately.

Bell can not relate at all. This is a conversation best suited for her twin, Ariel. Ariel has had wedding bells on the mind for a while now, so she tells Tina to give her a call. Bell is far away from even thinking about marriage.


Grayson invites his dad over to the apartment. He wants to discuss something with the older man. Being with Tina, having a very seriously relationship with her is something new for him. And he needs someone older, more experience to talk matters over with.


Once decided he takes Tina out for dinner. She's surprised for the outing, since they spend the most of their time locked away in their apartment. But getting out is nice.

That's when he slides the little black box towards her. She gasps! She had no idea that Grayson was going to propose, and this is a wonderful surprise. She places the ring on her fingers and accepts his offer.


This romance came out of nowhere. Tina actually booty called him. LOL I was working on this cute walk by she had met, and I expected her to booty call him, but she called Grayson instead. He came over and I was going throw her memories and noticed that they had hooked up during college. So then I checked my pics from older updates, and low and behold, they were in the hot tub together.

So after he came over they woohooed and fell in love. She then rolled the want to have a roommate. I took that as her wanting him to move in. So I had her ask him, and the rest as they say was history.


  1. Wow-sometimes when our simmies take control, they actually know better than us.

  2. Aw, I don't remember Grayson but I'm glad they've found each other. I just love it when Sims fall in love on their own, without my prompting.

    And oooh...will there be a wedding soon?

  3. Can I just say the food always looks so good in your game? LOL!

    This was a sweet update. Glad that Trant is doing better...(I found that update, btw. Very good!)

    Sims do indeed seem to know better than we do sometimes. It's remarkable that she remembered Grayson and decided that now was the time to reconnect. What a beautiful story!

  4. Apple, I agree! And this time I can actually be happy with her choice. ;)

    Carla, I'm going to see if I have him posted in any pics. I know I have one or two saved on one of my CDs. I need to lable them better. LOL

    As of right now they have not set a date. I'm waiting for one of them to roll the get married want. But since Tina is actually thinking about it I might set a date soon.

    Simmington, ROFL Sometime those pancakes get me wanting some and I have to go make them. That butter looks so good! LOL Glad you liked the Trant update as well!

    Yes, it is funny how sometimes they know better than us. And if it were up to me she would have been with the walk by. He was very pleasing to my eyes. ROFL


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