Sunday, May 9, 2010

Circle of Life Spring 2013

Circle of Life will be the new heading for all my birthday posts. Yeah, I have Lion King on the brain. Awesome movie!


So we only have one birth this spring, and that's little Orlando Lewis. Sorry I only have one photo, but my computer ate the rest. No, I lost them with the reinstall and I forgot to save them on a CD. Both his mother, Simone and Father, Ryker are excited to welcome the newest edition to their family. And his older brother Winthrop is happy as well, though he doesn't get all the fuss over the new baby.


  1. Welcome Orlando! Isn't he lucky to get a birthdays post all to himself, lol?

  2. Yes he is! I actullay was surprised I didn't have more aging ups. Oh well, next season.

  3. Welcome, little Orlando! :)

  4. Awww, Orlando is a cutie with his dark features and little red onesie!

    I'm only going to have 1 post for July and then 1 in August. I'm going to see if I work out a merger and post them both together. LOL!

  5. Welcome, Orlando! He is so adorable.

    Circle of Life is a great name for birthday posts.


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