Saturday, May 8, 2010

Those College Days Srping 2012-2013

May, Spring 2013, Danny Ottamas, Mary Snowden, Marchon Cunningham, Nora Reed, Lilly Sanchez, AJ Christian, Harvis MacAstril, and Ye T'ang are all 19. Richard Smith is 20. Last update.


Danny is glad this year is coming to a close soon. He's license has been suspended for another year. He parents refused letting him go on spring break, and they are also threatening him, telling him that if he doesn't pull off outstanding grades this semester he has to drop out of his fraternity.

No, not just move out of the house, he'll have to unpledge. They feel that he's getting to wild. College isn't all about partying and fun they say. He's here to get an education, something to help him in the real world. He signs as he sits down to eat.



But he does have some distractions, like Nora Reed. She comes over, she still won't date him. Something about being too young, and she's enjoying her single status.


Danny doesn't mind Nora being single, he just wishes she wouldn't "enjoy" her single status with his house mates. (No, Nora is not sleeping with this guy. They just flirt, a lot!)


But the maid helps Danny when Nora wont or can't!


Mary and her sorority sisters had to move into the dorms this semester. Seems that Urele Var house has a major case of the termites. Mary doesn't mind living back in the dorms, this way she gets to be with Marchon non stop.


Yeah, Nora really like being single. And with Harvis sitting right there too! I smell trouble.


Which Harvis still can't stand, so he pick yet another fight with Ye. Poor Ye, he's really starting to grow tired of this crap.


"I hear you'll sleep with almost any one, right?" Ye asks one of the cheerleaders.

The question isn't far fetched, she's known for sleeping around, she almost sleep with their cook. Ye has a plan that involves this little cutie and Harvis.


Nora and Richard are on friendly terms but haven't slept together since returning from spring break. It seems that what ever that was between them stayed back on the sunny island. Now they spend their time hitting the bubble blower.


And when Harvis isn't studying he spends his time searching the heavens, looking for any sign of his alien ancestors. He's starting to wonder if they are truly out there, exploring the stars. Will they ever come back for him and his sister? Or are the stuck here forever wondering about where they really came from?


And when he's not pondering the meaning of his existence he swooning over Nora.

And finally, Nora returns the favor.


Grades for the final semester for 2012-2013.


Richard Smith - Education GPA 3.4 D+ Has been placed on academic probation.


Marchon Cunningham- Political Science GPA 3.8 A+ Dean's List

Ye T'ang- Psychology GPA 3.7 B

Nora Reed- Physics GPA 3.6 A+ Dean's List

Harvis MacAstrel- International Relations and Diplomacy GPA 3.8 A-

Danny Ottamas - Marine Biology GPA 3.7 B

Mary Snowden- Genetic Science GPA 4.0 A+ Dean's List

Lilly Sanchez- Government GPA 3.5 C+

AJ Christian- Art GPA 3.7 B-

Yes, Nora is all over the place. Let me point out that her aspiration is Family, she has no second. So why is she acting like a Romance sim? I think college really turns some sims out, make them act out of their character. But she's going around making out with everyone! The last person she slept with has been Richard, she didn't even woohoo with Danny in the hot tub, but she made out wit him. And Harvis. I thin this boy's head's going to explode. She's gotten him so twisted.

My Urele Var Sorority house is buggy. I'm so mad, the last time I played it Marchon and Mary went on that date where they talked about traveling after graduation. Well, when she returned home the lot crashed on me. So I reloaded the game and went to enter the lot, and it crashed again. I forgot to make a saved house after I built it, so this is the only one. I hate to bull doze it because it took me so long to build and I really like it. But I don't know what else to do. Can I save the lot some kind of way?

No Lilly and AJ update because they were so boring, it was like trying to squeeze water out of a rock with them. LOL They're like an old married couple who isn't married yet.


  1. Nora, are you sure she's not romance? She's causing her fair share of trouble.

    Hmm, Ye's plan with the cheerleader...interesting.

  2. That's crazy that Nora is a family sim and acting that way! I totally wouldn't have thought she was a family aspiration at all.

    That's what college is for though, learning yourself, and learning from others around you, and hopefully settling down after wards.

    I hope your sorority house fixes itself of it's bugginess.

  3. No, man, ACR makes Family Sims act that way! It even says so in the documentation (or it did when I first downloaded it anyway, way back when). If Family Sims don't have a partner, they kind of go crazy looking for one until you get them to commit. If Nora was going steady with one of these guys, she'd likely settle down. If she IS going steady, then I don't know! LOL.

    For your sorority house, you could try entering it with testingcheats on to see if you get an error message that gives you a clue. But that usually only works on houses stuck on a neverending load loop. Worth a shot though. It'd suck to lose something you worked so hard on!

  4. Apple Valley, Yeah, I'm sure she isn't a Romance sim. I guess she's just sewing her wild oats. LOL

    The cheerleader we'll have to see where that goes. Ye is just tired of getting beat up by Harvis.

    Maisie, You are not alone. I actually though her aspiration changed when she started college. LOL Well, no, that's not true. It seems that after she slept with Castor she went crazy.She was fine until that happened.

    I hope I get that bug fixed too. I hate to have to demo. and rebuild. *sigh*

    , Well ACR is only picking on Nora. ROFL Out of all my single Family Sims she is the ONLY one acting like this. I blame it on college and Castor Nova. She didn't start acting like this until after they met. Whatever the reason I hope she grows out of it or she will be giving Sharala a run for her money.

    I'll try that and see what happens. It's time for my to play uni. again anyway. I really hope I can get this fixed.

  5. Wow, Nora has gone wild! lol. But at least Harvis finally got a little of the action too. ;) Maybe he'll be in a better mood now, lol!

  6. Shana, I don't know, if Ye enters a room it's like Harvis sees red. They are truly Oil and Water. LOL I hope Nora slows it down soon, or at least after graduation. She'll have to start acting like a mommy.

  7. I thought I responded to this post, I certainly had read it! LOL!

    Nora's tripping out, having all the fun she can before she has to take her Mommy role seriously. LOL!

    I'm with you...I think Castor (and that whole picture scandal) messed her up!

    I'm proud Marchon is doing well with his grades, btw!

  8. Simmington, LOL I do that alot. Like I'll read any update from someone and forget that I didn't respond. But you know my memory. LOL

    Nora, I have no words for this girl. I just hope she straightens up once she graduates.

    I'm proud of Marchon too! :)


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