Friday, November 11, 2011

Circle of Life Birthdays for Februrary 2016

There are two birthdays to celebrate this month!
First up is Simone and Ryker Lewis, they welcome another boy, Fabien, to their family. Now, they both feel and agree that their family is complete. So here hoping to no more surprises! Fabien was born at 8 am and weighed in at seven pounds and zero ounces.

No pictures for Lilly Sanchez and AJ Christian, but they welcome their first son, Dean Christian. He was born at 10:34 pm and weighted in at six pounds and eight ounces.

Sorry about the pic, but Dean looks just like Ivy when she was born, except I think he got his mom's brown eyes this time instead of Dad's blue ones. With all the building and rebuilding I'm STILL doing, I was just too lazy to stage a birth for these two. I feel bad, but please forgive me! And sorry about the pic as well. I forgot to re-size it in Paint Shop so I did it with Blogger instead, hence the fuzz.


  1. Totally understandable, rebuilding is simply horrible! Hopefully Simone and Ryker will get their wish for no more kids lol

  2. Yeah, I don't blame you at all! Welcome Fabien and Dean - maybe Simone and Ryker need to take some "permanent measures" to ensure they have no more kids. Your game seems to love accidental pregnancies!

  3. Mizz, Thanks for understanding! Yes, rebuilding sucks. When all you want to do is play but then you have to build the building you want to play with. LOL Not cool!

    Carla, I was thinking about that, but I don't see Simone as the type to take "permanent measures" at least not yet. They are happy with three, but I'm sure they aren't opposed to a fourth. My game loves surprises! LOL

    Thanks for taking the time to read and comment!


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