Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Not a dirty little secret

February, Winter 2016, Mohindr Ramaswami is 34, and Colby is 5. (Danielle Lillard is 33.)
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It had been two years since the divorce. But the wounds are still fresh. Not what Danielle had done, not the cheating, but the emotion scares she had left on Mohindr's ego. Not some tough, manly ego.
No, the fragile, easily shattered ego of a man who was burnt before. It was one thing falling for Sharla Ottomas in college. And she played him like a fool. He was too blind to even see that she wasn't trying to settle down. He was blinded by the smell of her perfume, the bounce in her hair, the melodious tone to her voice. The way she responded to his touch.

So, when all the signs where there with Danielle he decided to ignore them. Or maybe ignore wasn't the right word to use. If he were honest with himself then selectively choosing what he let himself see was a better explanation. It was clear to him now, they had jumped into the "happy little family" bit far too soon. Neither were ready for marriage, for a son, heck, for anything.


But now? Now it was different. Danielle had managed to wiggle her way back into Mohindr's life. She was never physically gone, with her weekend visitations with Colby, but being with Mohindr was not an option. But even after the affair. After the divorce, the ex-couple still talked, working through their issues. And now, well, they decided to give it another go.


Colby is thrilled! It's all he talks about with his friends at school and at home.


But he is also worried. Worried that something will go wrong - like last time - and his mom won't be around any more. He tells her this. Because he doesn't want his mom and dad to break up, what ever that means. He just wants them to stay together, to be a family again, like the other kids in school.


It breaks Danielle's heart. She really has screwed up. She was never the settling down type. She never wanted children. It's funny how your outlook on life changes when you do have kids. But she was trying so hard to hold onto a life that she believed she had wanted during that time, that she forgot about the most important person in her life, her son. She never thought about the ill effects her actions would have on him, or even on Mohindr. She only was focused on herself and her needs, and her desires. Screw everyone else. And that mentality has resulted in a son fearful that his mom may leave in the night, and his dad would be plunged into sadness once more.

She makes a promise to Colby that she will never leave again. She and Daddy are never going to fight ever again. This makes Colby happy! His smile returns to his face. Which warms her heart. And she's serious, this time she's not going to repeat past mistakes. They say with age comes maturity, and she truly hopes that maturity has cleaned up her act.


She edger for Mohndr to tell his folks that their back together. They've been seeing each other for six months not, almost a year. So shouldn't he broach the subject with them?


He does want to tell them, but he knows his parents, and hearing that he's back with his ex-wife, whom cheated on him, will not go over well with the two of them. He just needs a little more time.


The enthusiasm in her voice is gone, her smile slips away. He won't voice his concerns but she already knows. Priya and Sanjay never liked her, they only tolerated her. And after doing what she's done to their son, she's one hundred percent certain that they will never accepted her with open arms. She decides to change the subject to something lighter as they finish dinner.


After they clean the kitchen and Mohindr turns to Danielle. "I want you to know that you're not my dirty little secret. I love you. No matter what. And if it will make you happy, I'll tell my parents."

She wasn't expecting it, and the smile the fled during dinner has found it's way back upon her lips. She takes him by the chin. "I never thought I was. But it's good to hear."

  • I couldn't keep them away from each other. What's the saying? "The heart wants what the heart wants?" They wanted each other. They are still ate three blots and heart fart over each other ALL the time. Besides Sharla and Rupert, I think Mohindr and Danielle are my highest chemistry couple.
  • Mohindr hasn't told his parents about him and Danielle yet because he knows how they will react, but he's going to have to come clean sooner or later.
  • Poor Colby, he has the fear of a relative breaking up. So I look at the fear is of his parents splitting up again.
  • Danielle has managed to worm her way back into my playable sims. I was about to move her away and have Colby only visit her during the summer. But what can I say. Nothings for certain though. She hasn't cheated and all her wants are for Mohindr (which is a huge improvement) but neither of them have rolled a marriage want.


  1. Wow, sometimes couples reconcile. I hope they both enter into a relationship the second time around with more caution.

  2. Hmmmmm.......the counselor in me says they should have kept Colby out of their reconciliation until they knew for sure that they were going to give it another go. No need in upsetting the poor kid for no reason. But I get it, it's hard to let go sometimes. I just hope she's not just having issues with her conscience. Because if that's the case, she could potentially cheat again. And Mohindr is already going to get a crap storm from his parents over this. I just hope it's not all for nothing :/

  3. Wow, I am surprised to see this update! I hope Mohindr knows what he's doing here. If it doesn't work out this time between him and Danielle, that's going to be so tough for poor little Colby. I don't see Mohindr coping so well with it either.

    Man...good luck to them though!

  4. Apple, Yes, I was super shocked that they got back together. :/

    Mizz, I forgot to mention that they can't keep it quiet since Danielle moved back in with them. LOL Never do an update while sleepy.

    Carla, Neither do I. But they've come a long way since the divorce, hopefully everything will work out in the end!

    Thanks for taking the time to read and comment guys!


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