Friday, May 4, 2012

SAT's and college bound!

So, like so many others I have grown tired of my educational limitations for my simmies. On my main site (which I no longer use, I mainly use this blog now) the bar was set with focus on Cleaning, Logic, and Mechanical to get into university. Students graduating from high school had to have at least 6 bars in the three listed skills above, and at least three scholarships to attend college. It's worked for me a while, but with adding the harder grades mod, and me just growing bored of this rout, I've decided to tweak my college requirements yet again. I think this will be my third or fourth attempt!

Elementary School

My younger students get less work than my older ones, but I try to round them out as best as I can. I try to focus on their Core Skills (i.e. the seven skills all sims have.) and build on them. Normally when a child starts their educational career in Riverdale it's at the level of Pre-K. If they were given training toys to raise their skills such as Charisma or Mechanical, then they enter with no skills whatsoever.

The goal in grade school is to have each student focus on their CS and gain at least three bars in each, as well as discovering their one true hobby.

Honors Program

If a student excels in their early education then they are considered for the Honors Program. The Honors Program is the Private School. Of course they will still attend the public schools of the city, but they will fulfill their "Get into Private School," want.

What this means is, even if they are unable to continue in the Honors Program once they reach their secondary educational level, they still will receive 2 Points towards their college credits, to see if they place for higher learning.

So my objective for each student by the time they are promoted to high school is to have a total of 18 in CS, and to have discovered their true hobby and to have gained at least one skill point in that.

 High School

Once students advance to the Junior/Senior high school grades and skills really start to matter.

Core Skills

The more, the better! So if a teen has 7 points in Logic, they will get 7 points towards their SAT's.  If a teen maxes out a CS they will be give 3 Points extra!


A's = 5 Points

B's = 4 Points

C's = 3 Points

anything lower is an automatic "No college for you" card.


Just like SC for each point gained in any hobby the teen receives one point. And if they max out a hobby they are give 3 Points extra!


Riverdale High offers the machines to gain badges, but it's not a must for students to obtain. So if a teen gains a badge they will be rewarded for it.

Gold = 5 Points
Silver = 4 Points
Bronze = 3 Points


Teens who have jobs is a bit tricky for me, since some are employed by playbles, so they don't have the normal teen job. So I can't just give out points if they max out their job at level 3. So if a teen has a job, doesn't matter if it's their first or fourth, as long as they have worked their senior year, for a least six months (half of their final year) they will be rewarded 2 Points.

My baseline for admittance into college is 40. If they score a 40 they get in. If they earn no scholarships (which I believe would be kind of hard not too!) then they have to pay full tuition. If they earn a scholarship or two, then tuition will be adjusted accordingly.

So the only teen I have graduating this year is Bri Shahan. She has the want to go to college, she's had it locked for a while now. So I added up her points and she received 48. I think that's pretty good. It might be a bit higher, but I can't remember if she's earned a badge or not. And I think she's earned two or three scholarships.

So for now it looks like my new system will work. I guess only time will tell.


  1. Sounds great! Once you play with it for a little longer, it'll definitely become clear how workable it is. I'm in the same boat with my own system at the moment, though I had a few more graduating teens to test it on. :)

  2. Yeah, only have one teen graduating puts my experimenting on hold. And I only gave two after Bri graduates. Hopefully it will work out for me. It's looking promising so far!


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