Friday, January 14, 2011

We are family

July, Summer 2014, Nanat Novak is 67, Mathew is 65 ( Nadya Phillips is 46, Dominic is 38, Hunter Micheal is 7 months, Vanya Ottamas is 21, Bart is 25, Shaw is 6, Tandi is 4, Nathan and Tosha Novak are both 34, Mary-Beth is 3.5.)

Riverdale is in the grip of a killer heatwave. Even with the AC Nadya just can't seem to stay cool. Her daughter, Vanya off handily mentions that maybe she's starting menopause. Nadya scoffs at the idea, she my be in her forties, but she's still too young to be entering the change of life.

She then spots her daughter eyeing the cheesecake she brought over for the family dinner. "I don't think you should eat that. I mean, you don't want to put on too much weight with this pregnancy. I've read that it's harder to drop those extra pounds with each baby."

Vanya just rolls her eyes. She figures that her mom is mad at what she said.


Shaw loves coming to visit his grandparents. It's like being at home, minus the dog, and the old people smell. But that's okay, he can live with the smell if it means he gets to play Call of Duty. He's mommy doesn't let him play it at home. And she eve locks away his daddy's copy when he's at work.

Tandi could care less about video games, she has those at home. But here, she has a doggy to play with. She really wants one, but so far all her begging hasn't paid off.


Nathan can't wait until Mary-Beth is old enough to play with her cousins, he wants her to be close with them like he was with his brother and sister growing up.


And Nanat is just loving the idea of being surrounded by little ones. He dream of having a ton of grand kids are slowly coming true. She does get sad once in a while though, thinking about the grand babies that her son, Newton, will never give her. But when her thoughts turn dark she just focuses on the new arrivals due to join the family soon!


Tosha just can't wait to pop this kid out. It's hot. She's hot. Not to mention suffering from swollen ankles with this pregnancy. This one is so much different than with Mary-Beth.

Nathan laughs as he rubs her belly. "Remember when you told my sister that you were done with having kids?"

She only arches a brow. She was telling the truth, she was done. Mary-Beth was supposed to be an only child, but she had a little too much to drink at Vanya and Bart's wedding, and well, one thing led to another. And here she is, ready to pop with another one.


Nanat shares the sea chantey song that she picked up while on vacation. Nadya completely forgot about the song. She wishes she hadn't though, because it's really catchy!


With her mother distracted by her grandmother, Vanya digs into a huge slice of creamy, cheesy goodness. Shaw looks on with jealousy. He wants some cake too, but he can't have any until after dinner.


So he distracts himself with a dance with his Grammy. She'll keep his mind off dinner, and desert, until it's time to eat.

Tosha and Vanya share a bonding moment on how much they hate going to their prenatal appointments. Not to mention they actually births. Vanya comments how pushing out those kids hurt like hell.

Tosha laughs in agreement. Both agree that these are their last pregnancies.


Not much happened with Nanat and Mathew so I had them have another family gathering. I do enjoy playing them though. It's strange, I find them more exciting than some of my single young sims.

Tosha got pregnant at the wedding. She and Nathan slipped off to the photo booth and had a little fun. I thought I had her on birth control, but when I popped into their house she was running for the bathroom. I looked into her inventory and no InTeen clock. I have no idea why it vanished. So little baby Novak is due a month after baby Ottamas, August and September.

Nanat is one of my rare sims that is around to see great grand babies. That's exciting for me. Too bad her first husband died before Shaw was born. :(


  1. Family gatherings are fun. I actually find I enjoy playing my empty-nesters as well. They're usually drama free but their kids generally make up for it, like Nanat's kids did here!

    That's so cool that Nanat will get to meet her great-grandchildren! I've had a few Sims reach that milestone but Leontine died pretty soon after Declan was born and Adrienne gave her kid up for adoption, so Augustin doesn't really count. Julian has two great-grandbabies now though!

  2. Mary-Beth is super adorable, so I think it would have been a crime for her to not have more babies!

    I agree with you and Carla that empty nesters can be fun. I like getting all the grandkids together, or have them visit the grandkids at their house. They have much more free time to fill up, than others have.

  3. Carla,I enjoy playing them. I don't think I have any more empty nesters yet, but soon. I just hope I like playing them as well. Even some of my families bore me so I'm scared. LOL

    Maisie,I love her, and wait until you all see her as a child. I was hoping that Tosha got knocked too, I wanted them to have at least one more baby.

    True, but I think I might be asking you guys for advice as I get more older couples.


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