Monday, August 1, 2011

Transitions 2015

May, Spring 2015, Riverdale Jr. Sr. High School Prom, and University of Riverdale Graduation. For list of students look here.


When Sarah pictured her senior prom it sure wasn't this! With her falling out with Ginger, who was her only friend. And Viggo avoiding her like she had the plague, she was left with only her brother as a date for prom.

And she is so over high school. Sarah can't want until graduate and get her diploma, then she can kiss Riverdale High good-bye.College would be that fresh start that she needs. Where people don't know her past and won't judge her for it either.


Suni on the other hand did have a date. Someone she is very much in love with! And he is very much in love with her! And thanks to awesome parents, she's able to enjoy her night of prom without having to worry about a baby sitter.

And another thing that she's enjoying to no end?  Sarah bring her brother to prom as a date! Priceless, and she deserves it too!


The night starts off great, everyone dancing, joking around, and just enjoying each others company.


Even Kobi is enjoying himself, but that's because he's looking forward to his real date showing up!


Prom is a little bittersweet for Bri. This was her final year with Marcus, and come Fall he will be heading off to college, with girls much older than she is. And who have way more experience than she does too.

She does her best to push these feelings aside, it's prom after all! She'll enjoy the time that she has left with Marcus. And besides, he's never given her any reason to doubt his loyalty to her. She really shouldn't start to worry now.


"This is the first time we've been able to be "alone" since Jayden was born." Viggo comments. Cameron rolls her eyes, but flashes him a small smile. Yeah, she knows just how long it's been since they've been out on a date together. Not like he had to bring it up!

Besides, she's just grateful that her parents insisted that she attend prom, and that they would watch Jayden.


So instead of pointing out what an ass Viggo can be at times, she enjoys the meal they are eating. She's determined to have some fun tonight!


Seeing Kobi with his little girlfriend is the last straw for Sarah! Everyone had someone but her. Prom totally blows. But will she admit it to herself that she's the reason why she has no date? No friends? No life at all? Nope! Because clearly it's not her fault. It's just all those chicks in school who hate on her. Obviously!


She settles on dancing with some kid she's never seen before. And honestly, they just let anyone in off the street into a senior prom?


Poor Dallas. He snuck out of the house to get a glimpse at the senior prom. His is still a few year off, since he will only be in seventh grade come Fall. But curiosity has gotten the best of him, and now here he is dancing with some strange girl.


The night slowly comes to an end. Couples enjoy their final moments together.


Some share in a kiss.


Other commit this moment to memory.


And others...


Get a little freaky.

But all in all, the night was a wonderful success, and a good way to end their final year of high school.



At UoR family and friends sit in proud silence of their children who are graduating this year. They are no longer the doe eyes teens who entered the University of Riverdale, but now they are young adults with the skills required to head out into the world and make something of themselves.

Congratulations graduating class of 2015!



So my centering is off for some reason down here at the bottom, try to ignore it. LOL Can I say just how happy I am to finally get this out. I lost a few pics, and I should have taken a few more, but over all I'm pleased with this update.

So as it stands all my high school kids graduated. I was a bit worried about Cameron since she feel behind in school work after having Jayden, but with hard work she brought her grade back up to a B!

Suni, Cameron, Sarah, and Marcus will all be headed off to UoR come Fall. Macrus has earned a full scholarship by earning five I believe scholarships during school, that's including the Orphaned one as well.

Oliver will not be heading off to college with Suni and his brother, instead he has opted to go straight into the military.

My college kids have done me proud as well!

Mary graduated Summa Cum Laude with a GPA of 4.0 and a diploma in Genetic Science. She will be continuing her education in medical school come Fall.

Marchon graduated Summa Cum Laude with a GPA of 3.8 and a diploma in Political Science, he will be headed back to Simmington Hills.

Ye graduated Cum Laude with a GPA of  3.7 and a diploma in Psychology, he will be interning at Riverdale Memorial Hospital.

Harvis graduated Cum Laude with a GPA of 3.7 and a diploma in International Relations and Diplomacy. He will be returning to Apple Valley.

Nora graduated Cum Laude with a GPA of  3.8 and a diploma in Physics. She's not sure what she's going to do, so for now she's employed at her family's sandwich shop.

Lilly graduated with a GPA of 3.4 and a diploma in Government. She's not sure what she wants to do right now. So she will be taking care of her daughter, Ivy.

AJ graduated with a GPA of  3.6 and a diploma in Art. He will be taking a job as a cab driver for now.

Danny graduated with a GPA of 3.8 and a diploma in Marine Biology, he is currently looking for an internship or entry level position at the zoo.

I'm super proud of Lilly and AJ. I still have no idea how they graduated! They only went to class, never studied and never did home work either.


  1. I'm glad that the teens graduated, your next set of freshmen should be really interesting. Will Ginger be going to UoR as well? I'm hoping Marchon will come back to Riverdale in the near future *hint hint*

  2. Yay, prom! I still have to do a formal for my Sims one of these days! Maybe I'll do one in place of a regular high school update!

    Good to see your teen parents got a night off! They deserve a nice break and a chance to be regular kids for a while. And heh, I still don't feel sorry for Sarah. If she would accept some responsibility for the way things went down, then I might but until then? Nope! LOL.

    Congrats to all the graduates too - so many! I don't think I realised that gang were all seniors.

    I love Cameron's hair by the way - where did you get that?

  3. Apple, I'm looking forward to them starting classes, I just have to build the dorm again. *sigh* But hopefully this will motivate me to get it done!

    Ginger has one more of high school let. What will happen to her? I have no idea. As of now she's still in the family bin only tp-ed in for school and other functions.

    Oh, I hope Marchon comes back. *wink*

    Carla, I can't wait until you do a prom!

    DO you think I feel sorry for her? Nope! LOL Sarah's made her bed now she has to deal with what she's brought into it! HA!

    You know, looking at the picture I forgot to teleport AJ in so he could be in it. Oh well.

    You know I have no idea where I got it from. I think it's a Roan(sp?)recolor in Pooklet colors.

    Thanks for reading and commenting guys!

  4. I always love your prom update, I don't have enough teens to do one yet, but yours keeps me motivated to try it once I do! Oh Sarah, if you don't accept responsibility and change your ways, then you'll be back in the same boat once you reach college!

  5. Congratulations to all the graduates!

    Hmm, I wonder if Sarah is ever going to get a wake up call about her own actions? If she doesn't soon, college might end up really rough for her. It's good to see the teen parents enjoying themselves and being regular kids for the night. :)

  6. Aww, what a lovely prom! It seems everyone enjoyed it minus Sarah.

    I think the night off must have been very welcoming for the teen parents, it must be difficult to manage both a little one as well as studies.

    I really enjoy reading prom updates, I loved the shots of everyone enjoying themselves!

  7. What a fun prom! All of the kids looked great all dressed up, and it looked like they all had a great time. Well, most of them anyway! I especially loved the "and others...get a little freaky" part! Lol, too funny. And congrats to all the new Uni graduates!

  8. Mizz, Thanks! I can't wait until you get enough to give us a prom! I don't think I'll be doing a prom for a while though. Maybe with this next graduating class there will be one, but after that? Not so much. Need more high schoolers.

    Sarah thinks college will be that leaf she needs to turn her life around. Guess we'll have to wait and see.

    Shana, They all worked their butts off! I'm so proud of them.

    I'm with you. Sarah lives on the river Nile, and she needs to come back from vacation and wake up to smell the coffee.

    Driftwood, Yes everyone did! And is it wrong to say just how happy I was that Sarah hated prom? ROFL

    It is, but both Cameron and Suni are so good at being mommies. Just wish they held off on having kids so soon. Thank you!

    Mandie, They really did! Even the teens who dropped in who weren't graduating. I wish there was a way to only allow in certain teens. But I got sick of deleting them so I let them stay.

    There's never a wrong time for a little butt grabbing. LOL

    Thanks guys for taking the time to read and comment! Means a lot to me!


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