Wednesday, February 24, 2010

AJ Christian

Name: AJ Christian

Age: 19, 1993

Formerly From: Riverdale Native (born and raised)

Personality: Gemini, 6-9-9-10-1

Address: Bruster Hall - Family Housing at the University of Riverdale

Parents: Edward Christian, Sr. and Jamie Chew

Siblings: Davon Christian, Edward Christian, Jr. (half brother), Aaron Chew (half brother), Adrian Chew (half sister)

Partners: Lilly Sanchez

Children: None

Romantic History: Dated Suni Ramaswami for 2 years

Turn Ons: Black Hair, Logical

Turn Off: Blonde Hair

Education: Riverdale Elementary, Riverdale Jr./Sr. High, University of Riverdale; Art Major

Career: None

Previous Employment: None

Aspiration: Romance

Lifetime Want: Become Rock God

Hobby: Games

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