Thursday, February 25, 2010

Sharla Ottamas

Name: Sharla Ottamas

Age: 29, 1982

Formally From: Pleasentview

Personality: Aries, 4-6-6-5-4


Parents: Peter and Samantha Ottamas

Siblings: David Ottamas (missing), Tommy Ottamas, Bart Ottamas, Danny Ottamas, Keegan Ottamas, Amanda Ottamas

Partner: Rupert Cotton (roommate and lover)

Children: Jordan Ottamas

Romantic History: Justin Kim (dated in high school and college), Nathan Novak (one time hook up), Mohindr Ramaswami (occasional hook up), Rupert Cotton (lover and past hook ups), Matthew Picaso (one night hook up) Edward Christian, Sr. (one time hook up) (more, I need to get their names)

Turn Ons: Jewelry/Blonde Hair

Turn Off: Unemployment

Education: Riverdale School of Excellence, Sim State University: Literature Degree GPA. 4.0

Career: Construction, Level 7

Previous Employment: None

Aspiration: Pleasure/Romance

Lifetime Want: Woohoo 20 sims (reached)/ Become Perfessional Party Guest

Hobby: Fitness

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