Monday, February 8, 2010

Happy New Year 2013

December, Winter 2012/2013 Waylon Menon is 36, Emma is 37, Lars is 4.5. (Rupert Cotton is 33 and Sharla Ottamas is 29)

"That's not the most attractive outfit for you, hon." Emma says.

Waylon is a little put off by her comment but he tries not to show it. "Oh, okay. Maybe I'll go change then."

"No, don't. You look fine... really. I'm just so irritated with this up coming cooking contest. I'm sorry."

Wylon accepts his wife's apology and kisses her quickly before leaving for work.

Once she arrives to the judge location she quickly prepares her entry. All the contestants are present but not the judge. She was a hour late. (For some reason the judge was really an hour late to the judging table. Strange.)

Emma isn't to thrilled to be kept waiting that long, she still has a bit of running around to do today before Lars returns home from school. She expresses just how displeased she really is to the judge.

Everyone is nervous as the tasting begins.

Emma is regretting what she said to the judge. But so some reason she just can't help it lately. It seems that even the smallest thing tends to set her off, and she flies off the deep end. If Waylon doesn't mop up the water from his morning shower. If Lars doesn't pick up his toys before bedtime. If someone even looks at her wrong, Emma flips out.

But she was nervous for nothing. Her dish, Hawaiian hot wings, won first place. Emma is a sore winner as well!

A waitress tries to congratulate Emma, but she doesn't want anything to do with the young girl. She has to hurry home now that she's late... that's to the judge.

Rupert drops by once Lars comes home to spend some time with him. Lars couldn't be happier. He loves Waylon, he will always be is father, but Rupert is his daddy. And he's glad to have his daddy around.

But Emma thinks Rupert is spending too much time in her home. Why can't he ever take Lars downstairs? Or maybe she's mad that she can't stop thinking that Rupert is hot.

"Why do you always have to come down here? Why can't you take your son out for a change? Embarrassed that some of your little sluts will see you with you kid?"

Rupert is taken aback with her outburst, but fires back. "Don't you dare say I'm ashamed of my child. Or that I don't want to take him places. Right now my schedule is to mangled for me to spare much time. So I have no choice but to come up here to visit."

Emma laughs. "Oh, I get it. You're just making excuses to be here, in my space, hoping to get me back into bed. Well that ship has long since sailed." She snaps back.

"Oh, that's rich, Emma. Even from you. You were good but not that good. You're way past my age rang anyway."
Emma's eyes widen in rage. "Get the hell out of my house, you ass! I'll call you letting you know when you can see MY son again!"
She hadn't realized how bad the argument was between she and Rupert was until Lars ran crying from the living room, locking himself away in his tiny bedroom.
She's started one of those self help books months ago, but now, Emma decides that she's going to finish it, and take it's lessons to heart.
So, she reads her anger management book, "Learning to control the anger from within." Once finished, Emma feels tons better, and more relaxed.

A few days later it's New Year's Eve, Waylon cooks dinner. It's a special dinner, he's ready to breach the subject of them having a baby of their own. He loves Lars, but it would be wonderful to have a child that is his flesh and blood.
Emma puts Lars to bed. He tired to stay up to watch the ball drop in Time Square, but he's sleepy little eyes just couldn't stay open. She closes his door and Waylon swoops her into his arms for their first New Year's pre-dawn dance.
They head out to the balcony. Emma's a bit nervous but the conversation that they had over dinner makes things a bit easier. "You know I've been kinda on edge as of late." She sighs. "But there's something that I want to talk about."

Waylon's mood goes from carefree and fun to angst in only a few blinks of an eye. He can't prevent his mind wondering, going to places of fear.
They seem so happy together, but with Emma's recent change in attitude, could it be that she's wanting a divorce, wanting to give up on them and the family that they started to created?

"I'm sorry for pushing you away lately, and I think I owe a few people an apology, not just you."
"I though my crazy acting was do to my repressed anger or something, so I read one of those self help books." Emma tells Waylon, then she smiles.
"But it wasn't anger, it was mood swings. But it didn't make sense I haven't been sick, but I took a test, and I even went to the doctors. Babe, we're pregnant!"

"You're... we're.... we're having a baby!?" Waylon can't believe his ears. Here he is thinking about starting a family and Emma has already become pregnant. This is wonderful, no, outstanding news! She nods her head, tears forming in her eyes.

She smiles nervously. "Say something."

He grabs her and pulls her into an embrace. This is shaping up to be the best year of his life.

Happy 2013 Riverdale!
Little baby Menon is due July 2013. I'm so excited for them. I can't wait. And I was very surprised with Emma. When she was pregnant with Lars all she did was throw up, morning, noon, and night. And talk about mood drains. She was tired and hungry all the time. But with this pregnancy, so far, no morning sickness at all. She's just super moody. She fights with everyone. Which is NOT like her. I can't wait to see their baby.
And after her little fight with Rupert, she is officially out of lust with him. She's fallen out of love with him long ago, but she still had a crush on him. I'm glad she no longer has any feelings for him.
She also rolled the ROS for anger management. So I had to work that in there some place. And finding out that she was pregnant was perfect. I know when I was pregnant I was one moody lady.


  1. Awww, congrats to Emma and Waylon! I kinda figured she was pregnant being so quick to anger and all. I love how Lars has the long curly hair like his Daddy's. That is so cute! He's really growing up fast! I LOVED the balcony shots you took. I can see how cold it is in Riverdale and the light dusting of snow...speaking of snow, we've got a huge snowstorm moving in tonight and tomorrow. Brrrr!!

  2. I can't wait for the little one to come. I'm very excited with this one as well as Lilly! Lars is too cute. I have to get these profile pics up. He looks so much like Rupert it's not even funny. And I love that balcony shot too. It's funny Riverdale has been dumped on by sonw this winter. The kids had four snow days. (different lots that I was playing.) And we are now getting it in RL, the kids had off today and they are off tomorrow as well. Go figure. LOL More snow for us as well. They are calling for 12 inches. NOOOOO!

  3. Aww, the ending was really sweet! I'm glad they're having a baby and that Waylon is so excited about it! He's having a better time in your game than in Shana's!

  4. Tell me about it. When I read Shana's Waylon updates it's like reading about him in a different life. Well, it is in a way. At least he gets some peace in Riverdale. LOL

  5. LOL, my Waylon would probably love to be in this Waylon's shoes! ;)

    But aw, congrats to Emma and Waylon!

  6. I too love the balcony scene and congrats on the pregnancy! Yippie!

  7. [b]Shana[/b], I feel so bad for your Waylon. *sniffs* But things are going to get better for him. ;) They are twins, who just happen to have the same name, and were seperated at birth. LOL

    [b]Apple Valley[/b], thank you! I love it too!


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