Thursday, February 25, 2010

Justin Kim


Name: Justin Kim

Age: 32, 1981

Formally From: Plasentview

Personality: Aries, 4-7-6-4-4


Parents: Robert Kim and Cynthia Kim

Siblings: Viggo Kim

Partner: Shelby (Unknown) (2006 - 2010 deceased)

Children: Kira Kim, Misha Kim

Romantic History: Dated Sharla Ottamas in high school and college, still sees her off and on.

Turn Ons: Unemployed/Athletic

Turn Off: Great Cook

Education: Riverdale School of Excellence, Sim State University; Biology Degree GPA: 4.0

Career: Education, Level 7

Previous Employment: None

Aspiration: Family

Lifetime Want:

Hobby: Fitness

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