Friday, February 12, 2010

It's Ironic

January, Winter 2013, Trisha Johnson is 41, Clay is 40, Breda and Dallas are both 9. (Last updated Winter of 2009.)

Things for the Johnson's have been going well. Trisha and Clay decided to stop actively trying for a baby, and getting fertility treatments are out of the question.

Adoption has been the only option that seems the best course of action for them. And so with the basic paper work filled out, Trisha carries on as if everything is normal. Getting the twins breakfast ready.

They play once they are dressed and waiting for their mommy to finish up with their bowls of cereal.
Breda is currently telling her brother how she's going to become a famous movie star one day, and he'll be able to watch her win an award.
Yeah, if she's going to be a an actress, then Dallas is going to be a race car driver.
But Trisha has to stop in the middle of what she is doing and make a mad dash to the hall bath room. She smiles a little. The last time she threw up in the morning only meant one thing.

Trisha schedules an appointment with her doctor. What she suspects is confirmed. She's pregnant! This is wonderful news.
They have tired for so long and it didn't seem as if she and Clay would be able to have another child, but now, they were. She couldn't wait so share the good news.

She heads into Steppin' Out, to tell her sister, Tosha, the good news. She hasn't been to the store since the opening of the Serenity Day Spa, but from the looks of it, Tosha is letting things slip. Trisha needs to speak to her about naked shoppers coming out of the dressing rooms. And just what was he doing in that dressing room, Trisha wonders.

Heather Reed stops by for a visit. She's still a little upset over Nora's little "accident," and she worries about what her daughter is up to instead of working on getting her education.

Trisha tries her best to put her place in her friend's shoes. But she can not imagine becoming a mother while still in college, let alone the grandmother who is stuck raising the child until the mother graduates.
But she tells Heather not to worry so much. Even though Nora messed up, she is a good girl, and she'll do what she has to to finish college and graduate.

"She better. We were already broke before she went to college, and now, with an extra mouth to feed, and paying tuition. We are barley scrapping by." Heather says.
Nora better not mess up, or the girl is coming home for good!

As Trisha makes some tea Heather can't help but think about her granddaughter. She loves Ebony, and that's why she's going to make sure Nora does right by that baby.

They hug good bye and Trisha gets started on dinner.

Clay offers to make dinner, but Trisha tells him that she can handle it. He's thrilled. No, ecstatic with the news she shared with him after Heather left.
He can't believe it, they are actually having another baby. Well, he hopes it's only one. They are deeply in debt with this house and the Spa, so having another set of twins is out of the question. There's no way they can afford a bigger home.

Dallas practices his almost non existing piano skills as he waits for dinner.

And Breda plays with the cat.
"I can't wait to meet the new baby. I hope mommy has a girl, because boys have icky germs, and they're smelly. I don't want another icky, smelly brother." Breda says.

"I can't wait to meet the baby either. But is it really nice to say your brother is smelly?" Clay asks jokingly.
Breda ponders the question for a moment then nods her head in agreement. "Yes, he really is."
Dallas takes the opportunity and hits her in the head with a piece of chicken.

Trisha cleans up humming to herself. Things are starting to take a turn for the better. First this surprise pregnancy, and second, hopefully, the day spa will finally take off. If not, they will have to sale it.
Wow, I hadn't realized how longs it's been (in sim years) since I last updated them. See, I had thought there was a more recent update. Serenity Day Spa isn't doing so well. I guess it's harder to run a spa than it is to run a clothing shop, and for Clay and Trisha I don't have the time to keep playing around trying to see what works best.
They are really broke. Lovely home, great business, but just like real life sometimes, there is hardly anything in the bank. They spent their savings as a down payment on their home. So if the spa doesn't turn around soon then they will have to sale it. But Steppin' Out is doing fine, so no worries there. ;)
Do you know how surprised I was to find her puking her brains out? Well I did a happy dance. LOL I actually gave up on them getting pregnant, since she's now 41 and he's 40. But I guess my game decided that it would reward them for their efforts in making a baby. *yay* And so far there is no twins. But this happened to me before, said there was only one baby and then two popped out. So I guess we'll have to wait and see.
Baby Johnson is due June of 2013.
As of nude man in the dressing rooms. Man, that Joker's Wild masturbation mod makes my sims extra horny. LOL I've noticed that some of them will pleasure themselves anywhere. And yes, Lana in the background, did not approve of his actions at all.


  1. Congratulations on the new baby! So far it seems like good things are beginning to happen for them. I will keep thinking positive thoughts on the day spa!

  2. Yikes, well they better get some order in that place to avoid naked sims :p

    Congrats on the pregnancy-so exciting.

  3. Aw, I'm glad Trisha is pregnant. It seems like beginning adoption proceedings is the secret to getting knocked up! Are they still going to go ahead with the adoption?

    Oh my God, that naked guy! Very disturbing!

  4. DeMonde, thanks! So far it has. Just worried abou that day spa.

    Apple Valley, Tirsha will be stopping in to Steppin' Out more often now.LOL I can't wait for the baby!!!

  5. Carla, I think you're right. If you want your sim to get knocked, just have them think about adoption. LOL They would, but the house only has one extra bedroom. I have no idea what I'm going to do with the piano now. There isn't any room in the living room for it either.

    Yes he was!

  6. That's great that she's expecting, long time coming. And WOW on the guy at the spa!! That's some lowered inhibitions.

    If you figure out how to run the day spa to be profitable, I'd be curious. I've been wanting to open one, just never got around to it. Might pass if it's a pain in the tushy.

  7. LOL at the naked guy!

    Congrats to Trisha and Clay! It certainly does seem as though considering adoption is the way to get pregnant, lol.

  8. Only your game, RD, only your game...naked Sims walking around all willy-nilly. ROFL! That was funny!

    I'm happy for the Johnson's but I know how it is with broke's hard trying to figure out what they're next step should be. I'm hoping that everything works out for them. I'm looking forward to seeing what they decide on doing with the spa.

  9. Maisie, Naked guys in a clothing store is not cool. LOL

    If I'm able to figure out the spa I will let you know!

    Shana, Thanks! Yes, it does. Let your sims think about adoption then bam! They are expecting.

    Simmington, ROFL No, that was in S1. I had Justin Timberlake in my hood and for some reason he was naked and showing all his "glory" to the hood. ROFL And my Orlando Bloom sim would stand around while my female sims soaked in those mud bathes. ROFL Perverts. This sim only got naked to have some "fun" in teh dressing room. LOL Like that's any better.

    Yeah, they are broke. On paper they have money, but it's all in their stores not in the bank account.


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