Saturday, February 27, 2010

Another virus

Okay, so some way I'm not sure if they virus was laying in waiting or another one found it's way onto my pc, but it did. I had to get everything cleaned off and starting from scratch. So now I have to reinstall my games. The only problem, I never bought AL. I downloaded it from Game stop. I have the proof I bought it and I need to contact them to see if they will let me download it again.

Either case, I'm going to buy the cd so I'll have it in the future. Also, OFB and Uni. I hope they are working. There are scratches in them, and I have no idea how they got there.

Hopefully I'll be able to install all my games. I saved Riverdale and it's on a cd waiting to be reinstalled. I'm hoping that it works, if not, then Riverdale will be gone. *sobs*

If that is the case. I will start a new hood. It won't be Riverdale though, it will be to painful to start the hood over with new sims. Since I never saved the Riverdalers from Sim PE. At lest Simmington Hills has Mary and Marchon can still marry her. ;) lol

So I'll keep you guys posted okay!


  1. I feel like a somebody's just punched me in the gut. I can imagine how you're feeling over there...OMGGGGGosh, RD! I'm so sad! My mind instantly goes to Cameron. Ain't that funny?! Well, I'm hoping everything will go smoothly for you. I guess it was a matter of time, seeing all the issues you were having prior to these viruses...I'm here if you need to talk, sis. Everything will work out just fine.

    A plus is you get a clean slate to do things in a way you might've wanted to before, but just couldn't.

    (Yes, I have teen Mary and Marchon, and they will live on in my game. That's really the only reason I'm not truly freaking out right out now. LOL!)

  2. Hopefully everything will work. I had one big crash with AV and I didn't save my AV simmies. I simply used photos to recreate them in CAS. It wasn't an exact science, but the differences were minimal.

    Since you saved Riverdale on a CD, I bet you can use SimPE to extract the sims from that CD since it calls from which ever file location you point it in.

    If you have to start the hood over, maybe it could be several simyears in the future-so like the descendants of your current families. That way they're new "old" sims.

  3. Simmington, Soon as I get my magicjack up and working again I'll call you. Most likely tomorrow.

    I'm not actually freaking out as badly as I would have though. I guess I've come to terms with it. LOL And Cameron, I was thinking about her too. ROFL

    Apply Valley, I saved the whole hood on a cd. I mean the WHOLE hood, LOL. character files, pics, and all. So I'm going to plop the hood folder in with the other hoods once I reinstall everything, and I hope it loads and works.

    If that doesn't work then I'm just going to start a whole new hood. It will be to hard for me to do Riverdale over again. *SOBS*

  4. Let me know if that method works. I tried it once and it didn't so now i back up the entire sims 2 folder. However, I bet extracting their DNA from SimPE would work since it doesn't need the exact same files. I don't want to see Riverdale go, but know that AV will be happy to take in any refuges if you need us to. Keep me posted.

  5. I really hope this won't turn out to be the worst case scenario and that Riverdale is safe and sound. I'll keep my fingers crossed that you figure everything out!

  6. AV, Oh, noes. So you've done this before and it didn't work for you. *shudders* I'm starting to get nervous now. I won't know until tomorrow if Riverdale will load or not. I went to install OFB and there is this HUGE gash in the cd. So I have to hope down to wal-mart after I drop the kids off at school and get a new cd.

    Carla, Thanks sweetie. I'm hoping everything will be alright. If not *cries* I'm not even going to think about it. LOL Man! I had so much planned for Riverdale. Oh, well. On the bright side, the virus is gone and I can play the sims once more.

    But I will keep everyone posted.

  7. I've had this happen to me TWICE so I feel your pain! I also back up my whole sims 2 folder now after I had to crashes......but as long as you have all of the same EPs and SPs installed I don't see why it would be a problem......I'm keeping my fingers crosses for you!!!

  8. Oh no! :( I hope you get everything working again. When I moved to my current computer last summer, I backed up the hood folder and moved that to the new computer. Worked just fine, without having to save the entire Sims 2 folder. So hopefully it will work for you! :)

  9. Oh no, that really sucks! I hope you are able to save Riverdale.

    I have also moved a hood folder into a fresh install of TS2 and it worked perfectly. So there's still hope! I'm keeping my fingers crossed :)

  10. Okay, this is good news!!! Like I said I saved Riverdale, but my downloads folder was HUGE! So I was unable to save that. I went to compress it in winrar but that thing took like 30 minutes. And I didn't have the time to wait.

    I got OFB today, and once I get done with homework, dinner, cleaning for the night, then I can get down to business. LOL

    Man, you can never get a moment for yourself when others are around.


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