Monday, February 8, 2010

ROS for Years 2013 - 2014

Here is the Random Events for 2013 - 2014. As always, I'm not telling so keep an eye out for when each will pop up. I'm using the ROS file sent to me by Simmington Hills, not sure if she has it posted some place for sharing. But I'm sure you can ask her. ;)

1) Broke a leg! Sim must stay home for 3 days, and pay Doctor fees. Ouch! That's gotta hurt!

2) Large lottery prize! Alright! We're in the money!

3) Cancer! You're tired and drained. You've lost your hair. (Yes, I've actually though of a ROS on my own. LOL)

4) Oops, Preggy! You just got knocked up with the next sim you woohoo. OMG, haven't you ever heard of birth control!

5) Get gold badge! Yay, fun skill time.

6) Date night! Sim must take spouse/partner or highest LT relation sim on a date. This should be fun!

I'm just glad no one dies this time around, though the one who gets knocked up. I'm really not looking forward to.

So they are posted, therefore they are written in stone.


  1. Welcome back, girl!! I just got your email. Wow, you've got some goodies listed here! I can't wait to see which Sim gets the 'knocked up' ROS. That's just what you need, right? Another baby in your hood. LOL! I've been hoping that lottery one will roll up for one of my Sims, they are struggling in my hood. I'm a little sad to see someone is going to get sick, but I look forward to reading their story.

    I realllly need to get back to my hood...

  2. Hey hon! It's good to be back! Man, I'm not looking towards the knocked up one. More babies in my hood. LOL And I still have pregnanies and up coming births.

    Yes, get back to S.H.!!!! We miss you!

  3. I always look forward to my Sims getting knocked up but it's been established already that I'm a sick, sick woman!

    Cancer...aww, that's sad. But they're not going to die at least, so that's a plus. Should be interesting to read.

  4. Yes, there is something in that water at Sullivan! lol

    Yeah this cancer one. I feel kinda bad about it, who it falls on, but that's just how to cookie crumbles sometimes.

  5. Good update. The c-word, dun-dun-dun.


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